Monday, September 6, 2021

Flora & Foliage QAL

 This project was a teaching moment with Angela Walters.  She shared weekly online instructions for all the fancy quilting on this panel.  I added borders to make it a comfy size 64 x 73.  You can still view the lessons on her channel   (628) Angela Walters - YouTube ,   Of course, I used the beautiful Glide threads on the top and Signature Bottom Line in the bobbin.

I wish the quilting showed up better in photos.  It is heavily quilted with thread colors that blend  but still turned out very soft and lovely.  That dreaded center crease shows up so well because I had it folded too long and it hasn't been laundered yet.

Here is the view from the back ..................

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  1. Wow!! Just look at all that quilting. Beautiful job, Kat!

  2. Oh so very pretty!!! You should try taking the photo in the sunlight - That quilting looks amazing !

  3. My friendly local long-armer taught me to fold a quilt at the equator first, as the fold would relax when the quilt was hung. Of course, if your quilt is never hung but laid on a bed instead...

  4. I can see you put a lot of work in that. It is beautiful. I haven't ventured to do one of those yet!

  5. Great way to learn to quilt various motifs! You did a great job on this. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  6. That a pretty fabulous quilt! You did a wonderful job!


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