Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scraphappy Saturday - Purples 2

This is the block I chose for the purple row in the row quilt.

and here is an assembly of the row quilt progress so far

It's so liberating to choose a block each month based on your mood at the time. LOL  I may have to make a row quilt every year.  

I ended my purple scraps by working up these 8 wonky log cabin blocks.  After I finished I realized what I didn't like about them  --  the very light pieces are too distracting!  I will try to remember to stay with medium and dark tones next time. 

I'm linking up with Angela at Soscrappy for the RSC14 challenge where you can see what everyone else is making with their purple scraps this month.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Quilt Hop * 04-18-14

Welcome to the Friday Quilt Hop.
I hope you find some new inspiration today.

a great list of tutorials here; a nice quilt pattern included in the mix

several tutorials here plus watch for the reference list at the bottom

some really cute projects here

free patterns on the left sidebar

a variety of tutorials here too

May you have a happy creative weekend.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Archives #7 - Baskets & Bunnies

It's Tuesday again and time to fetch a vintage post off the shelf for recycling.  This week it's baskets & bunnies.  I can recall only one item I might have posted about baskets.  It's not really that old which is probably why I remember it.  LOL

I made this 12" basket block for the Scrap Scramble bom on the Carol Doak List.  I fussed over which fabrics to use and thought it came out really pretty.  It is paper pieced, one of my favorite techniques.

You will find the original post  HERE .  I'm linking up with Val's Quilting Studio where you can discover lots more interesting archival posts.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

GFG Baby Quilts 1- 4

Here are the first 4 baby quilts made from a small bundle of grandmothers flower garden printed fabric.  I did alot of machine quilting on them; and of course, they are backed with cuddly fleece.

I have four more smaller pieces to make up.  I'm building borders around them to bring them up to infant/car carrier size.  I've really gotten good mileage from this piece of fabric, but I'll be glad to get it all used up and move on.

I'm linking up with Judy L at Patchwork Times where you'll discover lots of other great projects in the making.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scraphappy Saturday - Purples 1

I opted to make the kaleidoscope blocks first, since I didn't have alot of time.  I didn't think I had alot of purples, but actually I have enough scraps, just not much variety.  I spent some time gathering and sorting them out.

Success with the join in the center is always hit or miss for me, mostly miss.  I am growing weary of these blocks already.  Their finished size is also hit or miss. LOL My camera has a problem photographing purples - they always look like blues.  The royal blue strip here is actually a deep purple.  Oh dear, I don't mean to sound like alot of whinning but .........

I thought about trying out a 6-wedge kaleidoscope with the 60 degree ruler, but there might be a problem integrating the 8-wedge and 6-wedge blocks into the same quilt. I'm linking up with Angela at Soscrappy for the RSC14 weekly challenge.

Next up, need to decide on a block for the row quilt.  Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Quilt Hop * 04-11-14

Welcome to the Friday Quilt Hop.
I hope you find some new inspiration today.

This is a cool tutorial. This one is patriotic but I can picture it scrappy too.

A wonderful design and comes with a great tutorial; also lots more to explore here

how to cut & assemble a diamond quilt

a quilted calendar holder

love the quilted valance on this page; you will find 6 pages of patterns with the next/previous buttons at the bottom

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A 20th Century Churn Dash

This quilt was made by our friends' grandmother way back when.  They found it with 3 other large quilt tops stitched in the early 1900's.  One is a crazy quilt, two are made with scrappy hourglass blocks. They were hand pieced.

This quilt was sandwiched and hand quilted, so I offered to bind it for them.  I chose a binding to match the backing, but maybe I should have chosen another color.  I've spent several evenings stitching it down.  It is made with fabrics from the 30's & 40's and I see many shirtings for the background pieces. In fact, I have to wonder if the rest of the churn dash pieces are also from clothing.  Some of the sashing is an old shade of red or orange covered with tiny yellow flowers.

Now it is finished so I can return it.  I  am linking up with Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation where you will discover lots of other inspirational projects in the works.

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