Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Neighbor's Garden

I can finally share what I've been working on the past month.  I have kept it under wraps because it was intended for a quilt club challenge for the quilt show, which took place this past weekend.  The challenge was to create a quilt, any size, depicting your vision of 'spring'.

I worked on my vision, one row at a time.  As I finished a row, I let it tell me what it wanted next.  I was thrilled with how it evolved.  It finished at 60 x 70, and most special was that it won  the 1st Place ribbon and a very generous gift basket at the show.  This show is a small, local show.  It is not professionally judged, but is based on viewer's choice voting.

I hate to boast, but I'm so tickled with my first ribbon that I am sharing my joy with these lovely sites this week.  Be sure to visit them each day to see what others are sharing too.

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Have a wonderful week.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Over 60's - Aqua

This 18 inch block was prepared back in February for the RSC17 monthly challenge.  As I have been knee-deep in hand stitching bindings on very large quilts,  the hand embroidery on this Over 60's block has been formenting on the hanger.

So, my OMG - One Monthly Goal for April will be hand embroidering the center design.  I have been stitching through all 3 layers to become part of the quilting too.

I am linking up with   Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal April Linkup  for my April monthly challenge.  

Be sure to visit Elm Street Quilts to see what other quilters are working on this month.  Thanks so much for stopping by.