Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'Think Christmas' Blog Hop

Welcome to my presentation of the Think Christmas blog hop.  Thank you, Lesley, for organizing the recruits for this blog hop and especially for all your  techie help behind the scenes!  Thank you, Madame Samm, for being the cheerleading squadress (is that a new word?).  Now that I've gotten my acceptance speech complete.....  on with the show.  (grin)

My first quilting love is paper piecing, so I am unable to toss out ANY  bits of fabric.  As if  wanting to inspire you wasn't enough of a challenge, I had to toss in a  'new-to-me'  technique for a personal challenge.  So,  I started creating crumb blocks. I approached this process 'willy-nilly', no specific instruction and I quite enjoyed it!  Oh no!! another reason not to toss out those bits and pieces.

Here is my first block. Crumb piecing is in the green rectangles and a paper pieced ball ornament was transformed into an applique motif.  This block measures 12-1/2" sq.

Here is another block with a new motif.  This little stocking was paper pieced from a pattern at http://www.circleofcrafters.com/irisfolding/christmas.html.  Coloring book pages is another good resourse for motifs.  I left the top edge of the stocking unstitched, to insert some christmas trinkets.  Here is how I made the stocking into an applique motif.

Here is my third block.  The bells are made from red crumbs and stitched down with gold trims.  What red, green and white christmas doesn't warrant a touch of gold?  How did that scrap of red get stitched in with the greens?

Hmmm, does my parade of blocks look like a pre-planned set?  LOL  Okay, I confess, I had a hard time making a block without a purpose. I sewed them together, added a narrow border stripe and a triangle finish, and quilted it into a door banner.  If you put a triangle finish on both ends, you would have a great table runner. I hope you were inspired with my christmas blocks using fabric scraps.

Here is one more 12-1/2" christmas block. It was  made with the little twister template and 5 inch squares.

THANK YOU !   for visiting me today.  Yes, Virginia,  there    IS    a   Santa Claus.   Just write  a comment  and you'll be entered in the drawing  to win this set of 5 fabric christmas cards with envelopes.  They are blank inside,  leaving a place for you to write a personal message.  The drawing will take place at the end of the hop, on Monday, Aug 6th.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Making an applique motif

We are fortunate to have so many options in our quilting methods.  Here is one method for transforming a shape into an applique motif  with a finished edge.

stitched pattern + interfacing

With right side of fabric next to interfacing (paper side up),
 stitch around outermost edge, with a tiny stitch length

remove paper

trim within seam allowance; 
 Bonus: using pinking sheers will clip the curves for you

Cut a slit in back interfacing; turn shape right-side out; press with an iron

Your applique is ready to stitch down to a background piece.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gettin it off my chest

Yesterday, an episode of Dr. Oz aired, the substance of which really troubles me.  He is a surgeon, a professional MD.  One lady and her wrinkles was the brunt of the show. The good doc told her that a census decided she looked 10 years older than she really was and  "How did she feel about that?"  She was in her 40's.  The doctor said he wants to help her look her best and to feel good about herself again.  He offered some miracle answers/products because " it's his job to help her feel good about herself!  "            WHAT?     !!!  

How sad it is that  professionals are using the media to influence society and tell them they are not okay because they showcase a few wrinkles!!!  I'll not be watching that show again.  Their strategy is just   WRONG !

Now, back to  my regularly scheduled quilting.

Friday, July 13, 2012

L.R. Wallhanging - finished

I have finished my wallhanging for the living room. Yay!  I am visually drawn to a mix of piecing and applique, especially since I am surrounded by an unyielding supply of bunnies (scraps).  I included both techniques in the wallhanging and I enjoy it's aire of whimsy. 

The log cabin blocks are each 3 inches and made totally from scrap pieces left from the LR sofa quilt. I wish I had the scraps under control now, but another project will have to be planned.

I tried out some satin stitching on a few of the applique pieces. That didnt fare so well and I went back to my blanket stitching. I SITD between the log cabin blocks. I used some lettering on my machine to sign my quilt in the bottom right corner.  Finished.  TA DA .   lol

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

L.R. Wallhanging - con't

Ooh, the excitement mounts for my latest wallhanging. I have finished stitching the scrappy, little log cabin blocks; sewn them into a border and stitched 2 additional frame borders . It's looking very rustic. I think I'm gonna like it!  Sorry,  no pictures yet.

I hope to get it quilted Thursday and displayed on my wall.  Wish me luck to get it done as I have other projects waiting in the wings, for their turn at five minutes of fame.  LOL

Thursday, July 5, 2012

L.R. Wallhanging - WIP

I have been working on a wallhanging for a small empty wall in the living room.  Have I said that applique is not my immediate forte?  I still enjoy the mix of applique shapes and piecing. so I just run with it anyway.  I have been working from a scrap pile created from my L.R. Sofa project. 

This is the center piece. I went "without a plan".  Some pieces are fused and a few are pinned. I will stitch it all down when I get to the quilting process.

Now on to the borders.  I used EQ to audition several border treatments.  I have a huge pile of small, odd-shaped scraps, so I went with  little log cabin blocks.  I am pretty sure that there will still be a pile of scrap pieces left over, when this project is finished.  What about the leftover yardage???  LOL

I wish you all a blessed day and thank you for visiting!