Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coming Home Panel

I am eagerly awaiting the Fall season. This is not my usual attitude since fall brings the onset of being another year older. Fall is also just a bit too close to becoming winter. Why is this year different? I have big plans for the "Coming Home Fabric Collection" by Deb Strain, to be released September!

I plan to create window valances for my sewing room. I have 5 windows there. I have a lovely wallpaper border of barn quilts  surrounding the top of the room. It has an Americana flair to it.  I had already collected the perfect fabrics to compliment the blocks in the panel. Thank you, Deb Strain!  I can't wait to dress up my little studio!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Queen of Diamonds

A new page has been created to track the royal lineage of the "Queen of  Diamonds".  I hope to watch this grow into an oversized queen-size quilt. A photo of my first 12 diamonds is posted.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Greetings everyone! It is opening day here at Scrapbox Quilts.  My doorbuster gift is 'patience', passed out to everyone who enters. You will find me fumbling my way around blogland, as I discover how things are done here.  I hope to share my adventures with quilting, both real and virtual. I am here by the grace of God. I hope to share some of that grace with you, also.

Since I want my first post to include a picture, I will have to share a photo of my beautiful 6 yr old sheltie. His name is Kody.  I deliberately spelled his name with a 'K', so all our Christmas stockings would be in sync.  Really! 

I hope my internet friends will have a delightful visit, today and always!