Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Quilt Hop * 5-30-14

Welcome to the Friday Quilt Hop
I hope you discover some new inspiration today.

several tutorials including two interesting ways for binding

more tutorials; check out the weekender travel bag!

this collection will keep you busy for awhile

a true variety here

lots of great beginner lessons here

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Archives #13 - Color Wheels, Crafty Projects & Crazy Quilts

It's Tuesday Archives Day - #13, about color wheels, crafty projects and/or crazy quilts.  Since I dabble in other mediums like knitting, crochet and other stitcheries, I'll share some crafty projects.

I've practically given up most time spent with these other mediums, since quilting took over.  I mean quilting truly takes over ................. takes over your mind,  your money and every nook and cranny in your house!

crochet hat & scarf

elementary school book bags

                                     my favourite - greeting cards!

fleece scarves

purse tissue covers

Okay, so most of my stuff these days  is done with fabric of some sort.  I gave away a mountain of yarns to a nursing home several years ago.  Now I can't believe how expensive yarn is.  I refuse to buy it again.  But as I look back, my hobbies of crochet, knitting & needleworks took up ALOT  less room to store and ALOT less $$$.  !

I'm linking up with Val's Quilting Studio where you'll find lots more quilters sharing their projects.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Kinda Kansas Dugout UFO

I'm getting this UFO ready for finishing up during a group QAL next weekend.  It started out as a mystery quilt. It had a different border planned, but I upsized my cutting, and it being a mystery, it totally didn't work out.  I could have re-worked the border, but I lost interest in that and so it sat in a bag for 2 years.

This past week I have been happily stitching away on a new border plan and this is what's on my design wall today.  I need to get the borders attached and  figure out a backing to have ready for Friday's QAL.

I'm linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times where you will find lots of other quilters sharing their projects today.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Scraphappy Saturday - Greens 2

I spent a couple afternoons sorting and cutting my green scraps into practical sizes and bagging them.  There was a basket of odd shaped pieces leftover.  I spent some time sewing those into wonky log cabin blocks. Then I moved on to making a batch of skinny rails for borders.  I also dug into the 1-1/2" strip bag to make more skinny rails.

I have small drawers which hold the larger pieces of scraps, i.e. FQ size or so.  I cut a couple sets of delectable mountain blocks --- the beginning of a scrappy mountain majesties quilt.

Each new month hereafter, I think I will try to get control of the scrap drawer, sorting and trimming  the pieces to usable sizes.  We'll see how that works out for me, for now.

In the meantime,  this is what I put together with my greens this week..............  I made a bad choice with my first delectable mountain block, the medium green in the background is TOO DARK.  I'll be pulling that out for something else.

I'm linking up with Angela at Soscrappy for the RSC14 Rainbow Challenge.  You will find lots of other creative projects linking up over there.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Quilt Hop * 5-23-14

Welcome to the Friday Quilt Hop.
I hope you discover some new inspiration today!

a few assorted tutorials here

an extensive collection of free patterns; to watch for the 'load more' button at the bottom of your screen

a quicker way to make pyramids

a few handy tutorials

a zippered sewing case

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Archives #12 - Chevrons & Christmas Quilts

It's Tuesday Archives - the day to pull an old but worthy post off the shelf to share again.  This week the categories are chevrons and christmas quilts.

I came up with several qualifying posts for christmas and decided on this one written back in December of 2011.  It finishes with one of my favorite mini pieces, this Christmas Rose Wreath.

If you visit the  original post,  you will find a brief tutorial on how I used one of my favourite quideline rulers to my advantage when trimming up the borders.  You will also find this item as a free pattern  offered in two sizes.

and if you visit  this page  posted from March 2013, you can see the design in autumn fabrics.  I really enjoy making this pattern and will probably make it again.

I'm linking up with Val's Quilting Studio where you can visit more posts about chevron and christmas quilts.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Scraphappy Saturday - Greens 1

I decided to make the green blocks for the row quilt first. Why did it take all Friday afternoon to choose and trim the pieces for 8 blocks and only half the time to sew them together?  I have to say my green row is pretty drab looking.  Maybe I should remember to toss in a dab of white next time.  I am delighted with my other rows so far, so hoping this one will fade deep into the background when the quilt is all together.... or I  would have to talk myself into making a different one.

I am linking up with Angela at Soscrappy where you will find lots of other quilters making things with their greens.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Americana Braided Flag Banner

There has been some interest in my Americana Braided Flag Banner.  I came across a photo of a similar item on google and then set about making my own instructions.  My quilt guild had a retreat recently. I presented this project to those attending and did a demo for putting it together.  I prepared a 'fabric and cutting list'  and  a file showing how I went about trimming them up for assembly.  I did not make a complete tutorial for the project,  but I am willing to share with you here,  the same info I provided to the guild.

This is the Americana Braided Flag Banner:

It measures

12" x 28"

**this is written for a scrappy version of 3 reds & 3 whites. You could adjust it to 5 reds & 5 whites or you could use only one red  one white fabric or ??? **

Fabric Requirements
  • 3 cream strips @ 3-1/2” x WOF
  • 3 barn red strips @ 3-1/2” x WOF
  • (1) 9”x 12-1/2” Navy
  • (1) 8” square cream print for background star
  • (1) 7” square gold print for smaller star
  • (1) 14” x 31” piece for batting
  • (1) 14” x 31” piece for backing
  • (2) 2-1/4” x WOF red strips for binding

from EACH of 3 cream prints ... Cut:
  • 1 strip @ 3-1/2” x WOF (width of fabric)
  • subcut into (20) 1-1/2” rectangles each ...{ 1-1/2” x 3-1/2” } = 60 rectangles

from Reds # 1 & # 2 … Cut
  • 1 strip ea @ 3-1/2” x WOF
  • cut one 3-1/2” square from each fabric; cut those 2 squares in half, diagonally … { 4 triangles; these are the beginning triangles for the braids
  • subcut remainder of these strips into (20) 1-1/2” rectangles each … { 1-1/2” x 3-1/2” } = 40 rectangles

from Red #3 … Cut
  • 1 strip @ 3-1/2” x WOF
  • subcut into (20) 1-1/2” rectangles … {1-1/2” x 3-1/2”} = 20 rectangles

from Navy … cut
  • 1 pc @ 9” x 12-1/2” rectangle

  • (1) 8” x 16” piece of interfacing or (1) 8” square fusible web product
  • (1) 8” x 8” piece of cream print
  • (1) 7” x 7” piece of gold print

Make 4 Braid Strips
** no photos for this step**

Begin with a red triangle, longest edge laying horizontally, and the point at top.

Placing at the top point of the red triangle, sew a white strip to the right side of the triangle,
press open.

Sew a red piece on the left side and at the top point of the white strip, press open

Sew a white piece on the right side and at the top point of the red strip, press open

Sew a red piece on the left side and at the top point of the white strip, press open.

**Continue in this manner, adding one white strip on the right side; then one red strip on the left side, pressing open after adding every strip.  Add a total of 15 strips on each side.  Make 4 braids in this manner.

* trim each braid separately *

With a 6” x 24” ruler, line up the 2” vertical line on the center point of the top and the center point of
the bottom triangle......... check that the 2” line runs up through (or near) the center points of each
braid. …........ ** Step back and look at what is under the ruler BEFORE YOU CUT …. is there an
approx. equal amount of reds and whites showing? Look for the 3-1/2” vertical line on ruler. This is
where the braid strip will be straightened and trimmed off on the opposite - 'red' side. **.

Cut: When you are happy with the ruler placement, trim the white edge even.

Flip the braid strip around so the red edge is on the right side for trimming.
Line up the 3 – 1/2” vertical line on the ruler with the left edge of braid (now the white side)
Cut:  trim the red edge even


    Trimming Braid Top & Bottom 
         Top: Place the ruler at the top point of braid, scoot the ruler left until there is a full 3-1/2” width of         fabric under the ruler. Cut: trim edge even 

From the top edge, measure a 21” length of braid, Cut: trim off excess.      

** Pay close attention to orientation of the strips, keep all the tops at the top **

Sew: sew the braid strips together. ( If you sew starting at the bottom and stitching to the top of the
braid, all the seams will be facing downward. You do not have to match any seams ) This section will
measure ( 12 – 1/2” x 21”) . 

I used the interfacing method of making my star appliques.  You can see a demo of that method  HERE.
You will find a nice variety of star sizes  HERE .

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help if I can. Please do not distribute this information in any manner, but please direct others to this page to get their own copy. 

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brand New Ironing Pad

I finally did it.  I made a new ironing pad for my large craft table.  I followed this wonderful tutorial at  It was SO EASY!  When I looked up how much a replacement of same ironing pad would be,  $50.00, and it wasn't that nice!  I bought 1-1/2 yards of ironing pad fabric from the bolt for my 36" x 54" table with a Joanns coupon. It ended up costing $15.00!   Then I set it aside for while.  So when I stumbled upon this tutorial, I was excited.  I made it this afternoon,  all done now!  Easy peasy.

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Tuesday Archives #10 - Cats & Charities

It's Tuesday again. A time to skip down memory lane with a post from the archives.   Today it's all about cats and charities.  I love cats but nothing to show for it.  LOL  So I'll share posts about my local charities.

This post from July 2011 is all about pillowcase dresses for Haiti.  I made a personal goal to make 50 dresses.  There was not enough pillowcases donated, so I used fabrics from stash.  Well, you have to use it somewhere...  It was a daunting job because of all that bias I had to make!


  The post is   HERE along with a
              picture of more dresses

I am also part of an annual school book bag project.  We make 450 bags every year for all 2nd graders in the county.  A quilter friend and I do most of the cutting and prep work of the straps ahead of time. Then we have a mission week at church with more helpers to sew them together.
Many hands make light work.
  HERE  is the mission project.  You'll even find a pic of DH at the ironing board - he was showing off amongst all the ladies.  I've not caught him with an iron since.  LOL 

Here I'll just share a few photos of quilts I've donated.  Most of them go to the children who are admitted to the local hospital. It is our Quilt Guild mission.  A few go for QOV.


I am blessed to have the opportunity to give my creations away to family, friends and charitable causes. It warms my heart.  I am linking up with Val's Quilting Studio where you can visit more quilters charing their cats and charity projects.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Americana Braided Flag Banner

I made another braided flag this week. I cut up a kit for demonstration at our guilds retreat last weekend. I finished it up over the last couple days.  I chose to make this one in Americana colors.

I'm linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times where you can see many other creative quilters are working on.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Quilt Hop * 05-02-14

Welcome to the Friday Quilt Hop.
I hope you find some new inspiration today.

this quilt has a pretty mix of basic colors flowing into a nice design; instructions included

a nice variety of tutorials here

click on  "Here It Is"  for a link to a dandy free motion quilting tutorial booklet

a large list of tutorials in the right sidebar; in Spanish

a few tutorials here

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