Friday, January 25, 2013

SnW Block # 7 & # 8

This is last two blocks.  Now to work out a layout and get it made into a top.  For some reason, as I began the first cutting of this little challenge, it didn't appear to me that I would be making a whole quilt.

If you want to see all eight blocks, you can find them here:    stack and whack blocks

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SnW Block # 4

Here is block #4.  I had considered placing the triangles with opposite ends pointing to the center, but that would have reversed the symmetry of the block rotations, so I stayed with the original plan.
Block # 4

SnW Block # 3

Block # 3

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SnW Block 2

Here is block #2.           

Stack and Whack

Unfortunately, stack and whack is the challenge that was drawn for our January bucket skill over at Cbees yahoo group. Please know that you have to be a member of the main list, Cyberquilters  before you can join Cbees, but membership is free  LOL  and they are the greatest groups for quilting.

I deliberated all day (okay all month), about the possibilities of my stack and whack project.  Today, I pulled out the appropriate fabric and went at the process - with the help from a  Debby Kratovil  post.  This is the fabric I used - a wide border fabric with lots of background.

This is my first block # 1.  I have to say that I had to approach the cutting process in a different way. I'm not sure I can put it into words.  I pulled a Frank Sinatra, since I was unable to get the "pin matching" method to work for me. :-)  But I did follow through on the 'whack' part!

The background is actually a med-dark green. I'm not sure it was a good choice.  It is what it is.  lol  Now on to block # 2 ?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shamrock 9-Patch

I found the cutest fabrics for St Patty's Day.  I started to cut them up. I know it   ' SEEMS '  early,  but just don't realize how long it takes me to do anything.  I want to make up a holiday set with this fabric - I dont want the patterns to match,  just keep it interesting.  I started early because  I  know  other commitments will sneak into my schedule.

So .................... here is my start.  I made up this shamrock to set on point for the medallion center.  It is a 15 inch block. The white stitching on the stem is just temporary basting.

Now, on to some border treatments..........................................................

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Bibs

I've been stitching up some bibs and burp cloths -  not my favorite quilting time, but it was a diversion for a few days work.  Here is a batch of 15 bibs.  They were sewn on a foundation from strips in the scrapbox, then backed with flannel.  I used up the rest of the flannel on burp cloths.  They are in a pile at the top of the photo.  They were nice n easy sewing.

I must admit that my scrap boxes are still totally out of control, even tho I just finished a 24 - block string quilt. I will have to do a serious manicure in those scrap boxes .............. as soon as I get my St. Patricks Day items made.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday Sew-In

My local quilt guild had our monthly sew-in yesterday.  It's always fun to gather with other quilters and share tips and tricks and get some stuff projects done.  I have to talk myself into going each month because I hate packing..............anything.  I always have a grand time while I'm there and I come home saying "all in all, it was a great day",  but did I mention I hate packing? !  I would rather unpack anytime.

When I left yesterday, my sewing tables had been in orderly service. I had been quite productive for the last couple weeks because my work tables were in order, cleared of any other "stuff in the way" and that always opens up my creative inspiration.

Today, my tables are heaping with bags of stuff, I had to disassemble a corner, so DH could get at the plug behind the sauder cabinet. We had to get the machine back into it's table bed and somehow the footpedal came apart, a tiny plastic knob is broke off and we can only hope it works right.  It had gotten stuck a few times while i was "stoppin and startin"  while stitching on applique.  Sometimes the machine didnt stop when I wanted it to.  That could be a problem.

Well, anyway, I only got half of the bibs finished.  I had such big hopes of 15 bibs finished and 10 burp cloths.  Now, I'm trying to put my sewing space back together so I can finish up this job. I hope I will have forgotten today when I go to pack it up for next month.  :0)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Purple Heartstrings Quilt

Heartstrings had a challenge over the New Years' holiday weekend. It was to make string blocks with purple centers.  I had a piece of purple and used up every bit for these 24 string blocks and binding.

The blocks are now sewn together into a top, just waiting to be quilted.  It will be a comfort quilt for the childrens' ward at the local hospital.  If you are looking for some great inspiration for comfort quilts, just click on the Heartstrings button on my sidebar and don't worry about running out of strings....ask me how I know.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Iron Caddy 2

I have finished an iron caddy for a special quilter-friend who just happens to have the same iron for quilt club, the Rowenta Travel size iron. She loves batiks.  I have to say my collection of batiks is "shabby', at best.

But I think she'll love her little purse caddy anyway.  It was easier to make, the second time around, for me, too. I think I'll make some construction notes, before I forget again.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


If I can't be sewin, I'd love to be rompin with these little guys!  Awwww .................

May your year be filled with much of Gods' greatest blessings.  Happy New Year !