Quilt Block Recipes

Here you will find the links to Quilt Block Recipes -- demonstrating some design possibilities with blocks or their quarter block unit.  It is meant to inspire your creativity. Some entries will have pics of layouts and provide a link to the pattern offered on the web.  Some blocks will have a link to an EQ7 file which you can download and continue exploring the possibilities.

Please be aware that you MUST have EQ7 software on your computer to be able to open the PJ7 files.  Occasionally, a pdf project file will also be offered.


     Broken Sugar Bowl                                                                                                                                       

     Christmas Rose Wreath

   Delectable Mountains

              Fiesta Fans

    Log Cabin Rose

         Midnight Star

Scrappy Trips - Quilts of Valor

      String Quilts

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  1. What a pretty webpage, Kat! I particularly like the Bible verses for today -- I Thessalonians 4:16 & 17.

    I like the Christmas Rose Wreath and the Fiesta Fans... so pretty. :-)

    ~Sarah Lynn~


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