Monday, September 30, 2013

Bloomin Baby Patch

A Bloomin Baby Patch quilt is on my design wall today.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Blooming 9-Patch Quilt Along

We are having a QAL over at Cbees yahoo group this weekend.  There are some questions on how to go about the planning of a Blooming 9-Patch.  Since I can include photos here, I thought I would show how I am approaching my plan.

The quilt is 45 x 49 inches.  All the blocks finish at 3 inches.  Here is my quilt layout:  

Fabric Requirements:
            It may seem odd, but if I have limited quantity of a fabric, I figure my needs in inches.  I have only 35" of my dark blue paisley. EQ said I needed 1-1/4 yd for this fabric.  So, I worked my cutting out in inches,  a daunting task.  Hopefully no errors,  it came out needing 32".

I am concentrating on the center design for now. We'll deal with the borders and binding later.

               dark blue paisley ...............  32 "
               light blue ...........................  16 "
               light green .........................  26 "

Cut the squares and triangles first. You can cut from the leftovers to use in the 9-patches.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cut  ( 36 )  squares  @  3-1/2 "

Cut  ( 18 ) squares @  3-1/2 "

Cut  ( 2 )  strips @  6 ";  from these strips cut : 
these are slightly oversize, but you will trim them later, plus you will get more cutting options from the leftover

    Cut  ( 8 )  squares @  6 "                                         

 Cross cut the 8 squares into 32  side triangles; you will be using 30 triangles

Cut  ( 4 ) squares @ 3-1/2 ";  2 of these are for the quilt center, 2 are for the corner triangles
Cross cut 2 of the above squares into ( 4 ) hst for corners

Make  30  @ 3-1/2 "

Make  6  @ 3-1/2 "

Make  14  @ 3-1/2"

Make  22 @ 3-1/2"

Friday Quilt Hop

Lets start the weekend with a quick quilt hop:

I usually don't like selvege quilts, but this one is sew cute!

so modern, so simple, such variety

amazing detail of a furry friend

this one will wow you

a simple quilt using stripe fabrics

Monday, September 23, 2013

16-Patch Star Quilt

This is what's on the design wall today.  I have been taking part in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013 over at  Soscrappy . Every month we dig out the scraps of a specific color family and create anything you want to.  I have been making these blocks at 16" finished. Only 3 months to go and it will make a hefty 48 x 64 before borders.

Hmmmm. I wonder what I'll do for next years' scrap challenge?  I'm already on the lookout for a new plan.  If you want to jump on board, just click the RSC13 button on my left sidebar.  I love her rules.  You are never behind with this challenge.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scraphappy Saturday - More Baby Blues

I took time to use some more baby blues this week, although it was from larger pieces of scraps.  This is a purse tissue cover which holds those little packets of tissues without the noise of the plastic wrap.  If I run out of tissues, sometimes I will use a few table napkins or fold some tissues from the large Kleenex box.

I didn't have time to use more of these blues or make crumb blocks this week because I was deep into mass production of these tissue packets.  A special 'Sister' at the catholic retirement facility asked for more of these for their gift shop.  She uses the proceeds from the gift shop to help feed the hungry.  I love the opportunity to gift her.

So ...................................  I made 48 of them.  I will keep a few to give to the special ladies in my United Methodist Womens Circle. Once I started giving these out, they have become very popular.  Here is the most recent batch.  I hope I won't need to make any more this year.

I am linking up with   Soscrappy   where you can see what everyone else is doing with their baby blues this week.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Quilt Hop

Greetings!  I'm not quite ready to share my current quilting project,  so  I'll share some inspiring quilts.

This is a gorgeous medallion with traditional quilting specific to the block units

Just in time for autumn, 

Amazing Art, I would love this on my wall

A tutorial for an easy Christmas Tree skirt

I love them all - real and quilted

I hope you find something inspiring and wonderful to start your weekend.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Scrap Scramble - Block 1

It is Design Wall Monday. I am sharing my first block of  a new paper pieced  BOM.  It will probably  be made entirely  from my scrap bins that never get empty.  This is September of the Scrap Scramble project.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Scraphappy Saturday - Baby Blues

Here is my 16-patch scrappy star block for September, my baby blues from the scrap bin.  I am a few months  behind in my 6" crumb blocks and more projects are getting in line, so that may have to be a focus for next year.  My photography is always a challenge and these blues are really a softer shade than they appear here.

So hop on over to  Soscrappy  and see what everyone else is sharing for their RSC13 challenge for September baby blues.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Quilt Show

Sometimes I am clicking the internet, collecting new inspiration when I should be sewing something or cleaning something.  So, I thought I would share some eye candy, pattern links and tutorial links here.  So now you can click your way to new inspiration.

Wow. This one is really cool
this is a fun one
if you like paper piecing
a plentiful listing of tutorials

I hope you enjoy the show and find something wonderful!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hanging Sleeves By Machine

I attached the hanging sleeve on my Autumn Sampler WH totally by machine.  I took a few photos during the process so I could share it with you here.

I  finished all the quilting first.  I trimmed my piece to its finished size, right up to the binding stage.

I have a narrow border strip separating the quilt center and the final border. This strip will frame the quilt center and serve as a placement guide for attaching the sleeves.

What size to cut your sleeve?

The width of the sleeve will be determined by the width of your final border, times two (2) plus one inch or so.  One half inch will be taken up in the seam allowance when attaching the folded edge.  The other half inch (or so) is extra insurance that your sleeve will reach the raw edge or beyond, when folded up into place.

my final border    2.25 inches
to double layer          x 2
plus SA & extra        + 1 inch

sleeve width =     5.50 inches

Length of Sleeve?

I usually like my sleeves to have an opening in the center of the quilt.  This lets me choose other hanging options such as using a dowel supported in the center or using a rod supported at both ends.  So I cut one long sleeve, then cut it in half.

I also make one long sleeve for the bottom of wall quilts to insert a curtain rod, dowel, ruler or yardstick. This helps them hang straight and hug the wall. Do NOT cut this one in half.

The length of the sleeve depends on the width of the quilt.  This quilt is 25 - 1/4 inches wide.  I'll want my sleeve to reach about 22 inches. I have to add an inch for hems on the short ends.

So, I will cut 2 sleeves at 5 - 1/2"  x  23".

Cut one sleeve in half; fold in the 4 short ends 1/4", then fold over again - 1/4" ;  iron and stitch.
Fold in and stitch down the 2 short ends on the 2nd long sleeve also.  Then,

 With wrong sides together,
 press in half, lengthwise

See the yellow flowerhead pins?  This marks the seam between the narrow black border strip and the outer border.  The pins are my placement guide on the back for setting in the hanging sleeves.

Turn the quilt over to the back.  Place the sleeves 1/4"  over/above the pin markers so the folded edge is above the pin markers and reaching for the top of the quilt and the raw edge of the sleeve is reaching for the bottom edge.

Near the folded edge,
baste in place.

Turn quilt to right side, stitch in the ditch (SITD) around the frame border.  This step will include the folded edge of the sleeves.   Remove the basting.

I like my quilt to hang above the rod, so I stitch a "stopping point" through the sleeve pieces.  This allows the rod to stop at the middle seam and not go all the way up to the binding.

Spread the sleeve pieces away from the body of the quilt.  Stitch another seamline through both layers, about 1-1/2" from raw edges of sleeves.  This will allow the quilt to sit about 1" above the rod.

Press sleeves right side up/forward,  so the top raw edge meets the raw edge of the quilt.  If you added extra for insurance on the sleeves, this is the time to trim them even with the quilt edge. Secure the sleeve edge with pins until the binding is stitched on.

Add the Binding

Now you can add the binding. This step will enclose the raw edge of the sleeves.  I have been stitching my binding to the backside first, then folding to the front and top stitching down.

Here is a pic of my finished quilt with sleeve.  I don't often take time to make labels, especially on small projects.  Some projects I like to acknowledge I made them (grin), so I use the text font on my sewing machine to stitch my name and year. I incorporate that piece into part of the sleeve.   Ah, shortcuts............... makes time for more quilts.   LOL

I hope this tutorial gives you some new methods and ideas.  I wish you a blessed and Happy Day!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Autumn Sampler W.H.

Another finish,  I'm on a roll. Do you ever get really inspired and go into overdrive and can't seem to stop stitching?  I'm experiencing that lately.  I hope it never ends. LOL

I was inspired by a photo on google recently and just had to make a similar piece.   I cut the appliques out of a panel I bought at a Relay for Life garage sale.  I love designing around panels and blocks and motifs from panels.

So here it is.  I call it my Autumn Sampler. I do wish I had chosen a different quilting path, but it's done.

May you have a blessed and happy day!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Autumn Rose Wreath

I just finished my miniature Autumn Rose Wreath - full of little pieces of fall fabrics.  I love this little pattern. I just wish it would use up more scraps.  It measures a whopping 14 inches square and hangs from my tabletop wire frame.

Go to my Free Pattern page to get your copy of the paper pieced pattern.  I am linking up to the design wall over at PatchworkTimes where you can see what other talented quilters are up to.