Tuesday, October 30, 2012

QOV TATW Blocks con't

I've just finished sewing my 24 blocks, albeit slightly imperfect.  Now to get those sewn together and shipped off to Alycia. But that won't be tonite.  If I have encouraged you to make some TATW blocks and send to  Alycia,  please tell her I sent you!  Photos of my quilt tomorrow!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

More QOV TATW Blocks

I decided that four blocks that blend together perfectly deserves to be an entire quilt.  So, I have started cutting my strips to make 20 more blocks.  There will be a few areas that are scrappy, but contain the same color value. There will be a few areas that are consistent with the same fabrics.

This project is an unexpected detour from the stitching plans I had laid out this week.  When you are inspired with something, we have to run with it, without delay. When my blocks are all stitched, I'll send them off to   Alycia   to contribute to her campaign.

Friday, October 26, 2012

TATW Blocks

Here is a set of four blocks. I ran out of one red fabric, so I can't make more matching blocks. I will have to go VERY SCRAPPY next time.  I wonder if I can control a few areas just enough to "separate and contain" the scrappy ones?

I did some figuring.  If I cut a 16" wide piece from each of six fabrics, I could cut 16 strips from each fabric. Each strip would make one block, so I could get 16 blocks from these cuts.  That is a nice layout. It would be 48 x 48, plus borders.

But I do prefer the 24 block layout, 4 x 6 grid. This block works nicely in even numbers.

Should you have an  odd number of blocks, or very scrappy blocks, then the straight furrows layout might look nice.

Here is one with 1/2" sashing separating the blocks.

So I wonder how to control the scrappy?  Would I use the same fabric in position 1  (white) and another same fabric in  position 3 or 4 ? This sounds like another mission for EQ!

I hope you will find some time and fabric to make some QOV TATW blocks.  If you send 5 blocks to  Alycia ,  she will enter your name in the drawing for a chance to win 5 yards of fabric.  I think I'll try a scrappy one now.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well,  you'd have to be a quilter to decipher the written word to all these letters....QOV  TATW !  I have one block done!  I had other things to do today, but I did get one block done and it is so pretty, I hope to have enough of these fabrics to make a 24-block set.  I don't think there is quite enough of these fabrics, but maybe they will multiply like bunnies during the night, like my scrap boxes do!

So,silly me,  just had to show you my one block. Now dont criticize my photography skills!  I havent taken the time to make up my design wall yet.  But I can picture this block rotated into a gorgeous quilt!

So come on, as Eleanor Burns says, get strippin!

Quilts of Valor Block Drive

I support the Quilts of Valor Block Drive initiated by Alycia.  You can get the details of the block drive here at  http://alyciaquilts.blogspot.com/2012/10/quilt-block-sew-long.html.  She has created a clear tutorial for constructing the block, borrowed with permission,  from the queen of scraps herself, Bonnie Hunter.

Should you have a generous nature, you can show appreciation for the sacrifice others have made for our freedom. Will you  make up a few blocks and send them on to Alycia.?  She will enter your name for a prize drawing of 5 yards of fabric!

If you are not able to send in blocks, go ahead and try out the tutorial for the Scrappy Trip Around The World block. It is a fun technique. You only need 16 inch length of strips.  Here is a couple layouts you might use for these blocks.

This quilt is a 4 x 4 grid,   16 blocks
It finishes at 60 x 60

This quilt is a 4 x 6 grid, 24 blocks
It finishes at 60 x 84

A little more fine rotation, same blocks, you can control the flow of colors. I like this one!

I hope you will consider being a part of this program. I thank ALL OUR MILITARY for their service!  Thank you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friends & Family Wallhanging

As soon as this pattern was released in the October issue of Quilters World, I put it at the very top of my to-do list.  It is the Friends & Family Quilt by Bev Getschel.  I found the perfect paisley print for the branches, leaves and border. It has burgandy, brown, aqua and a touch of tan. What a joy it is when you find the fabric that is perfect for your project.

I am making this project at half scale of the original pattern, so it will end up being about 25" x 29".  Today I assembled the background for the applique.   I have to make everything based on 1" finished strips. Here is a photo of my work today.  It was a challenge to work these strips into their diagonal placement. I had to wing it along the way.

It came out really pretty.  I trimmed it oversize until I get the applique pieces on.  Now should I add the fused applique first, then quilt around it?  The pattern has ALOT of branches and leaves. I probably wont enjoy machine stitching every little piece.  Should I make the quilt, quilt the background, then add the applique and stitch it down by machine?  Should I take the easy route and do the machine quilting thru the entire piece,ignoring applique placements?  I havent decided that yet.....BUT.... I still have to prepare the applique pieces, so there is time for more decisions. I bet my cyber friend, Bonni, could help me decide.  She is totally hooked on applique.

The October issue of Quilters World has a few really great projects that inspire me. I am hoping for a quiet winter with lots of time to spend in the quilting cave.  The Sticks & Stones Quilt could make a dent in those scrap boxes.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Autumn Display

I used to get distressed when the fall season came upon us.  Not because I would be another year older, but because it was just too close to winter.  I could never tolerate winter.  But I truly love the colors of autumn and the changing of the seasons. It is a reminder that God is indeed constantly at work.

I have also been constantly at work these past few weeks.  I have been making an assortment of fabric greeting cards - 100 of them, actually! I am preparing for a Harvest Fair to take place Oct 13th!

This photo is a temporary display of some of my pieces. The quilt on the wall is not for sale in the bazaar. I just love it to pieces. I made it several years ago and I quilted it by hand. I am not able to quilt by hand anymore.  I hope to enjoy it for a few more years.  It is a pattern by Lynette Jensen.

After fussing over 100 cards, I am ready to move on to another project.  I already know what that  will be, a special design from the most recent issue of Quilters World. Stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting. I wish you a blessed day!