Monday, December 26, 2011

QST TableMats

Happy Boxing Day!  I have finally finished 3 table mats. Initially, I had 2 odd pieces of this christmas multi print - approx 12" x 20".  I  thought I would challenge myself to use it up right away and not let it creep back into the scrap boxes.  I thought quarter square triangles (QST) would be fun.  Ha!  I made 40 QST blocks, then had to figure out what to do with them. I also had some binding already made up from another project from this print.

I got 2 placemats out of the pieces. Then I had 16 QST left-over. So I chose another print for the rectangle and put the remaining QST around that. This piece is about 25" long. I use quilted mats on end tables and dressers, backs of chairs........they are useful in so many places.

I'm glad to have this project finished. Now, I need to put away supplies so I can see my work tables again.

What will call to me next?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blog Revamped

Greetings friends.  I have been doing some re-organization on my blog today. It is a struggle working with the posting editor lately. Should it be difficult to tell photos and text  "where to go"  ?   LOL !  I'm about ready to tell it where to go!

I have created some new pages to make it easier for you all to find files and patterns. These pages will direct you to all the posts about any specific project and to links to the files.

There is a new page for Free Patterns. Everyone can open these files.  There is also a new page created for EQ7 Project files. Please be aware that you need to have EQ7 installed on your computer, in order to open these files. Finally, there is a new page for Tutorials.

I think you will be able to find all the goodies much easier this way. I hope to have the opportunity to add more files in 2012! 

Merry Christmas to you and all those you hold dear!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Favorite Ruler Works Overtime

I have found a new use for one of my favorite rulers. This ruler is from Guidelines  I really hate to plug merchants since I never receive any gratuity, but this is my second most favorite quilting tool.  I figured you would ask where to get it.  :D

Every 1/4 inch there is a groove. The yellow plastic strip can snap into any increment. It creates a ledge.You just tuck the ruler next to the edge of fabric. It stops at your selected measurement.

My first favorite tool, of course, is ElectricQuilt Software!  EQ has been top of my list for years. I doubt it will ever play second fiddle.

When I use the guidelines ruler,  I only have to look for the cutting line  ONCE.  Then I just scoot it to the edge of my folded fabric, and cut;  scoot and cut;   scoot and cut.   I especially like that it can guide your cuts to include 1/4 inch increments. 

Now on to my new use for this ruler. I was preparing a small quilt for using "self-faced" binding. I don't know if that is the correct term?  My piece is already quilted. I planned for the backing fabric to extend around to the front and serve as my binding.

I pinned the backing out of the way. I squared up and trimmed the top and batting even. Now I needed my backing to be trimmed even, with just enough to create a double-fold binding. This is where my guidelines ruler found a new use for me.

I set the yellow lever to 3/4 inch, scooted the lever against the trimmed edge of the quilt top and batting. This made it easy to get a nice edge to serve for the binding.

Now I just have to press the binding over once to meet the quilt edge; fold over again onto the quilt top and stitch down.

TA  DA !!    Here is my Christmas Rose Wreath table topper, all finished.  I see the markings from the Crayola washable markers ----  washed out!  Yea.

It is machine quilted with shiny gold rayon thread. I inserted a narrow gold flap between the background and the border.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas with family and friends and remember the "reason for the season".... no shopping required.

Friday, December 9, 2011

If You Look For Me At Christmas .........

If you look for me at Christmas,  you won't need a special star
I'm no longer just in Bethlehem,  I'm right there where you are.

You may not be aware of Me amid the celebrations
You'll have to look beyond the stores and all the decorations.

But if you take a moment from your list of things to do
And listen to your heart, you'll find I'm waiting there for you.

You're the one I want to be with, You're the reason that I came,
And you'll find Me in the stillness as I'm whispering your name.

                                                                Love,   Jesus

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mini Christmas Rose Wreath

I finished my tabletop wreath. I did everything by machine. It's not my best job. I regret the chosen fabric for the binding. It is too light. It has a golden metallic sheen to it, but looks washed out.  But, alas, it is finished. I need to move on to other projects that I seem to think I have to do for Christmas!

This little mini measures 13" by 14".  It was paper pieced from fabric scraps. It was machine quilted with a serpentine stitch.  I love the varied effects you can get with a serpentine stitch.  I wish I could say my scrap pile is smaller.

I still have to sandwich and quilt the Christmas Rose Wreath table topper. I did manage to pull the fabrics I will use for the backing and binding.  I'm sure I spent half of my afternoon shopping my stash and deciding on just the right pieces. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pumpkin Panache

HAPPY  THANKSGIVING  EVERYONE!  Today, we will reflect on all the things we are thankful for. We have an abundance of blessings. I hope to remember to be "Thanks Giving" every day and carry it into 2012!

Finally, I get to share one of my little projects from October.............And you thought I was being idle!  LOL  This lovely pumpkin was the mystery block from  Linda Worland is an artist with her paper piecing designs.

I turned it into a  12" x 14"  mini quilt. It is displayed on a table top hanger. It is a great piece to compliment the other festive decor of autumn.

Tomorrow we can bust out the christmas stuff.  I better get those Christmas Rose Wreaths quilted!

Wishing you all Gods' blessings.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge

I have made a commitment to participate in the Free Motion Quilting Challenge project in 2012.  I hope  that signing up will make me accountable to do it!  Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) is an important skill to develop if you like to complete the quilting process  to-the-finish..... and I do.    I have avoided using this method for fear I will ruin the quilt top.  It's time to face the fear!

You can find out about the 2012 FMQ Challenge here: 

There is also a button:

Wish for me- courage and perseverance for this challenge!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Time Out

I didnt mean to neglect the blog.  I must have needed a time-out to re-group.  I hope to be fully charged and back to my happy scrappiness next week.

I have been spending much leisure time enjoying the blog hop for the Quiltmakers 100 Blocks blog tour. Issue No. 4 looks to be very promising. I am loving it.  I was greatly disappointed with Issue No. 3. I am glad these block collections are again, on a upswing of superior creativity!

You can visit all the posts here:

May you all have a happy and blessed weekend.

                 *** THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VETERANS, THANK YOU !!!  ***

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hippie or Gypsy or Fashion Faux Pas?

Somebody caught the President of our Piecemakers Quilting Guild in a colorful outfit!  Did she find that outfit among all the gorgeous fabric which surrounds her in the photo?  Was she a live player in the 60's?  I think probably so!

This is Kathy B.  I wonder if this picture was caught on video as she held up the LQS?  I hope she will share some of that fine-feelin, feelin-fine fabrics with us!

 She's got those fingers stickin, no,  she's sayin  PEACE,  but what she really means is   "piece - and quilt " !

Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas Rose Wreath has a new photo added!

Gun Adrian, of Sweden, has graciously shared a photo of  her tablecloth made from the Christmas Rose Wreath pattern.  Thank you, Gun!  I have included a link to her blog so you can visit her there and see what she is working on.  Click on the photo for a larger view.

Gun Adrian, Sweden

If anyone else creates this holiday topper, I'd love to share a photo of it here.  I am still hoping to make this pattern in the miniature 12" size.  It is very close to the top of my to-do list.

Actually, I think tomorrow is the day I am challenged to quilting and finishing my first Christmas Rose Wreath topper.  Wish me luck !!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mystery Construction Zone

Watch your speed in a construction zone!  HA!

 DH & I have decided on Layout #2.  It has balance and flow (sounds like my medical report) and a pleasant distribution of color.  Now he wants me to speed thru the joining of its pieces, before a big wind might come along and swoosh them out of order!  But really I think he wants the pieces off the dining room table.  LOL

Thank you, everyone, for offering your opinions!  Don't go too far away.....I might need help with the borders. ;D

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twisted Mystery - Possible Solutions

Yikes!  It's been a long week............busy busy busy. I have been sewing alot, just ask DH.  I had nothing to blog about - unfinished pieces everywhere! Now today we are both under the weather.  We're just lounging around, being lazy and trying not to share any germs with the general public.  You're welcome!  lol

I solicited DH to help me unjumble the parts of Carol Doak's Twisted Msytery. Many overly creative members of the group posted photos of their possible solutions - an amazing twist of ideas! So I picked a couple layouts and we assembled them on the table, which is just a little smaller than the project.  DH took photos. Oh what a help that is to be able to observe a layout from a photo.

Layout 2
Layout 3

Layout  1

I had trouble getting the photos placed in order. I'm also having editing issues!  Well,  now I'm SOLICITING OPINIONS.  Which layout is the most appealing?  Please help me decide and leave your comments.  Thanks for helping!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Clue # 6 - Twisted Mystery

Aha. Clue # 6 is finished.  This is the last clue - so they say. LOL

Stay tuned for the layout options! I may need your help and have to solicit votes on the final layout plan.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clue # 5 - Twisted Mystery

Lots of commitments have kept me away from my Carol Doak mystery project. Today, I was able to get back to it and get clue # 5 sewn. It doesnt look that interesting, but if you could see all the other parts, they really pop, especially with the black background.

Wait until you see clue # 6, it is really colorful!  That is the last clue. I hope to make those blocks tomorrow. Then, I will be looking for some fantastic layout designs with these parts.

If you want to take part in this mystery, you will find it on Carol's yahoo group. Lots of creativity going on there:

I wish you all  a blessed week.  Stay tuned for the mystery unveiling!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clue # 4 - Twisted Mystery

I have completed Clue #4 and even assembled the parts, as instructed. I think I'll backtrack some of my clues and assemble other blocks, where instructed. Initially, I thought to leave everything separated, so I could take advantage of  any design liberties which occured to me.  LOL  Now that there are so many parts, I'm feeling more comfort in putting them together.

Tis the season here in the Midwest. I have definitely resorted to colors of autumn. I have a few other quilted items which would play very nicely with this project. I hope it gets finished in time. 

As reality sets in, I'll be talking about doing the quilting on this project  'Next' year.  lol

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

I wish everyone in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving celebration! May you all share good times with family and friends.

I have been ever so busy here - sewing yes - but no photos to post yet! I'm hoping that tomorrow I can sew clue #4 of the twisted mystery and post a photo of that., which is not very interesting for you all, until you can see it come together as a design.

So many projects going on. How will I ever get caught up?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clue # 3 - Twisted Mystery

Clue # 3 ... finished already!  I didn't mean to rush, but I have other commitments for the rest of the week!  This clue needed 16 identical blocks. It is the same block pattern as in Clue #1 & 2, just some fabrics are changed and it is half the size - finishing at 3 inches. I enjoyed making it more that I enjoyed making the larger size blocks.

Instructions called for sewing half of the blocks into pairs.  I haven't done that yet. I like to leave my options open. Maybe I'll want to assemble it in a unique way.  I seem to be using autumn colors. I hope we're done in time to display for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Clue # 2 - Twisted Mystery

Clue 2 is finished - 4 quarter blocks. Since they are not to be sewn together into a larger block,I suspect they will play into the outermost  corners of the quilt design.  I hope Carol surprises me anyway!

This was the same pattern as Clue 1, but there was a little color change for this block.    I wonder how exotic the next set of blocks will be?  LOL  I do wish I had selected a softer color for the background, but that is the norm for me. ...  always wonder how it would have been with other choices!

Just not enough time and not enough fabric, well okay, just not enough time to find out!  :D

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clue # 1 - Twisted Mystery

I very nearly forgot to post my first block for the Twisted Mystery project taking place over at Carol Doaks' Yahoo group.

Clue # 1  

This block is actually constructed from 4-quarters, pieces rotated to create the star, then sewn together. It is all paper pieced - no pointy templates going on here.

You need to belong to Carol's yahoo group to be able to collect the clues. Visit  " My Links"  page for the addy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Twisted Mystery Palette Change

I changed the palette for my Twisted Mystery project. I added some lovely new greens, changed the yellow, changed another warm color and included a 'possible' border.

Now I'm off to a cutting party. LOL  I better start cutting the fabrics I'm totally sure about, first. :D  I have selected fall fabrics. Maybe it will be a table topper or maybe I'll add more rounds and make it lap size?

Blocks for this project will start  being  released this Wednesday, Sept 28th at

Will any of you be sewing up this mystery with me?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Twisted Mystery Quilt

A new project is evolving at Carol Doak's yahoo group. It is being labeled a Twisted Mystery. It will grow in stages. We do not know what the pattern will look like until we're nearly finished.  But watch us try to figure it out! It will all be paper pieced, of course.

This is my color palette. I may change out a couple pieces; especially the light green and maybe the orange on the end.  The black is the background.
I will post the blocks as they are made. Maybe you can help me visualize the final design. It will be 36 inches, before borders, You can also take part in this mystery by visiting Carol's group

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pillowcase Dresses - Done!

Phew. It seems I've been AWOL.  Not really.  I have been slaving away on making dresses for Haiti. I ran out of pillowcases and made a bunch from yardage. Lots of sewing and lots of making bias tape!  I must be pretty good at it now. It takes about 80 inches of bias tape per dress.

I set a personal goal of making 50 dresses. My last batch was 23 pillowcase dresses. This batch has 28 dresses. This photo holds a few of the fabric combinations I worked with.

50 Dresses for Haiti

I am ready to break away to another project.  I am especially excited for an upcoming trip to Shipshewana! My main focus will be the Coming Home quilt barn panels.

I wonder if I should consider any other collections?  :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 5 .... Handwork - * While You Wait Week *

Our  'Handwork   While You Wait Week' wraps up with a handy tutorial for a Hexagon Needle Case and be sure to check out the tutorials offered every day  this week at

I am still working on a large batch of pillowcase dresses, without the pillowcases now. LOL   I am working toward my goal of 50 dresses. I had to resort to yardage to meet this goal.  I am now reaching the dreaded final step of making ALOT of bias tape and sewing that to the dresses. Pictures later,  quite a bit later!

I hope you all had a great week. We have a beautiful September weekend coming up here in the Midwest.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 4 .... Handwork - * While You Wait Week *

There is a wonderful tutorial on english paper piecing today offered by Janet M Davies. Janet does superior needlework.  You can see it here:

I hope everyone has a blessed and creative day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 3 .... Handwork - * While You Wait Week *

Can you take a moment to check out the new tutorial being offered today?  A close-up in the art of hand piecing!

I hope everyone has a blessed and creative day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2 .... Handwork - * While You Wait Week *

There is a handy Thread Holder Tutorial offered today for the Handwork-While You Wait. It has some helpful, clear photos to make this project. You will find the tutorial here:

Be sure to visit all the links and check back every day this week for more projects.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Links for EPP Supplies

Hello everyone. I am happy that you took time to comment about my english paper piecing methods. 

I have acquired my cardstock templates from these sources. It was an excellent on-line shopping experience in all cases!  If you google for it, I know you will find several other reliable sources for epp supplies.   ***  NAYY ***

I learned of a logical way to assemble the diamonds using partial paths, from these pattern sheets at paper That was soooo helpful.  There is also a gallery of pictures to inspire all sorts of projects using epp shapes.

I have approx 1200 cardstock templates. It is my preferred way to make hexagons. I am hoping this supply will get me through my queen-size diamonds quilt, but time will tell. First I need to see if I can recycle the templates enough to complete the quilt 'top'.  If I make it thru that step, I have another plan for assembling the border designs .  

I will be updating MyLinks page, to include links for epp supplies.

Thanks for stopping by. Please come again soon.                                      

Day 1 .... Handwork - * While You Wait Week *

Today kicks off      * Handwork - While You Wait * week!  

Be sure to click on the button in the sidebar or

There will be great tutorials to enjoy and you can  enter for a chance to win the prize. 

Your comments matter.  Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Handwork - * While You Wait Week *

Handwork - * While You Wait Week *   begins tomorrow!

It all takes place with Benita Skinner at

Be sure to visit her site each day this week for all the tutorials and enter for the prize, which will be drawn on Saturday!

Oh, and my post is on Monday.  LOL   You won't want to miss it!  

I Remember

There was a heartwarming ceremony in church service today. We were reminded of those heartbreaking images and stories of many heros. I am truly humbled.

Mostly, we were reminded of the unity our country held together on September 12. Do you remember?  If only we could always have such character for mankind. If that 'Unity' was our mainstay, I believe things would be much different in America now.

I think of all the other countries who also mourned for us during this tragedy. Some of these countries were already struggling with their own sacrifices, yet they expressed comfort, love and grief.                   I  Thank You.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little Dresses for Haiti

Today I've been working on more dresses for Haiti children. I set a personal goal to reach 50 dresses.  The deadline is early October, so I have made my deadline for September, specifically by end of next week!  LOL

I am  working from yardage now. I  have 8 dresses ready for the neck and armhole treatments. I used some decorative stitches along the hemline. I hope to have pictures to post tomorrow. I believe there will be a few more pillowcases brought in for me to pick up at church tomorrow.

Tally.........I have finished 23 pillowcase dresses so far. I have 5 pillowcases waiting to be made into dresses, I have 8 dresses waiting to be finished. I wonder how many I'll get to pick up tomorrow?  :D There is alot of bias tape to be made!

There will be a special service at church tomorrow, in remembrance of the 10 year anniversary of 9-11.  How somber that will be.  We look to God and Jesus for our comfort and peace.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas Rose Wreath

There has been some interest in the Christmas Rose Wreath pattern, so I created a project file for anyone who wants to make it for themselves. It is a paper pieced project. No sewing directions will be provided. There are no fabric requirements listed since it is made from your scrap box.

I drew the blocks and re-numbered them for you. I have provided 2 download files. One file is a miniature size, 12 inches, before borders. I think I'll do this one for my tabletop frame. The other file is 18 inches, before borders. This makes a nice size table centerpiece or wall hanging.

While I was re-sizing the blocks in the word file, the sizing became distorted with the seam allowance included. So I have provided the block patterns without seam allowance added around the outside edges. You will have to remember to extend the fabric pieces 'at least' 1/4 inch beyond all the block edges and trim the block to include the seam allowances.   Also remember to have your printer settings set to "no scaling".

I have prepared the file so you can save paper and ink!  The color illustrations are on the first page. The patterns you need to print are arranged on pages 2 and/or 3. The patterns  have been provided in multiple units, for efficient printing.  Please check that your blocks have printed at the correct size before sewing.

      12" Christmas Rose Wreath pattern:              

      18" Christmas Rose Wreath pattern:

Other options:  cutting a whole in the center and rounding off the corners would make a festive skirt for a table top tree.  A wreath doesnt have to be made up in reds and greens. How about some autumn colors or whatever compliments your room decor.  Using a multi- print for all the piecing, except the background would have an interesting effect also.

*** If you make up this pattern, please send me a photo!  I will display them on this page.***

Gun Adrian, Sweden

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hexagon Tutorial - Assembling the Diamond

Part 2 - Joining the Hexagons

This is all the supplies you need to make one diamond!

  • strong quality cotton thread
  • fine sewing needles
  • scissors
  • thread conditioner (opt)
  • fridge magnet (opt)
  • 9 pre-basted hexagons in printed fabrics
  • 7 pre-basted hexagons in white fabric

I begin by sewing my pieces into the grandmothers flower garden pattern. Then,  I add the two hexagons on the ends. Finally,  I'll  add the white 'path' pieces. When the diamonds are joined together, the white path will make a smooth path, diagonally in both directions, around the diamonds.

Overcast Stitch

Step 1

I use a fine quilters knot on the end of a single strand of cotton thread. 

Weave the needle through a edge of seam allowance, weaving toward where you want to begin joining the pieces.

Begin by joining the first piece to an edge of the center hex, right sides together.

Joining piece1& 2

I use a very tight overcast stitch (at least 22 stitches per 1-inch edge). Insert the needle  through the top threads of both pieces, NOT going through the paper template.  I still use a slip knot at both edges of the joined pieces, even though I began weaving the thread with a knot.

Join two more hexagons to the center (yellow) hexagon by  skipping every other edge.               

You can use a continuous thread to join the next hexagon by weaving the needle into the seam allowance and scoot to the next corner.

Now we can insert the other 3 hexagons with continuous stitching along 3 sides for each hexagon.

To insert another hexagon, start at an outer corner, stitch to end of that side;

Align next side in place, this will cause the paper template to fold while you stitch another side.            

After you have all six pieces stitched around the center hexagon, it is time to add the final 2 pieces to create the diamond.  **For correct placement, be sure your gfg flower is positioned  'on-point'. **  Stitch another hexagon at the top and bottom of the flower. You now have one of the diamond shapes.

Now it's time to add the first white path.  Whipstitch 3 white  hexagons into a single path.


Whipstitch this white piece to the side of your diamond, so it is positioned exactly as in this picture.

Whipstitch another white path of 4 hexagons.   Whipstitch this   piece to the right side of the diamond, in the  exact position displayed here.   

Flip the diamond over and remove the 4 templates which are in center    and surrounded by other templates on all edges.

When you join completed diamonds together in diagonal rows, the pieces will interlock together.

You will find Part I Tutorial - Supplies and Basting here:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Purse Tissue Covers II

It's amazing what a photograph will tell you.  I should take more pictures. I should have a photographer on hand to take clear quality pictures for me. 

When I looked at the photo of my first set of purse tissue covers, all I saw were blues and pinks. I know I dug into my scrap box to make these items, but the photo told a story!

So I dug into another scrap box and made up some tissue covers in autumn prints. I used leftover pieces of binding to finish the edges. If I didnt have an appropriate binding scrap, I dug into that bag of 2" strips. I used to  wonder why I bothered to pre-cut some strips, but they have come in handy on more than one occasion.

A new batch of tissue covers made with autumn prints.

You can make your own batch of  purse tissue covers. I found the pattern on-line and I share that link here:

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hexagon Tutorial - Supplies & Basting

Part 1 - Preparing the Shapes


Click to Enlarge
  • single-hole punch
  • tweezers
  • small scissors
  • millners needles
  • straight pins
  • strong cotton thread
  • thread conditioner
  • needle threader?
  • fridge magnet to hold pins and needles
  • cardstock hexagon templates - 1" sides
  • fabric pieces

  1. Punching a hole in the center of the cardstock provides a place to pin the fabric without pinning thru the cardstock and makes for easy removal with the tweezers when you are ready to  re-use the templates
  2. One or two straight pins is sufficient to keep handy
  3. A few pre-threaded needles is also handy
  4. A needle threader and a mini fridge magnet to keep your pins and needles in place, is optional equipment
  5. I prefer a strong, 100% cotton, quality thread. I use a fine, quilters knot for basting and for joining the pieces with an overcast stitch.
  6. I always use © Thread Heaven, or you could  run your threaded needle thru a new Bounce dryer sheet or  use beeswax. Conditioning the thread helps keep the unwanted knots under control.
  7. I prefer a longer, thin needle. I figure the smaller the needle, the smaller the hole it puts in the fabric. Unfortunately, the eye to be threaded is usually smaller too. You would use whatever needles you are comfortable with.

Pre-assembly: -  Basting the Hexagons

You will be basting on the backside of the fabric only - on top of the template. You will not be stitching through the cardstock template.

Baste a hexagon
You will not have to remove the basting thread. It will remain in the backside of the quilt top and serve to hold the seam allowances in place. So use a good quality thread that you want to remain in your heirloom quilt.

Begin with a single strand of thread with a fine quilter's knot on the end.  Working the needle between the fabric seam allowance and the cardstock template, enter the needle to the right of the mitre, come back up on the left side of the mitre....needle back down to the right side of the same mitre, so the thread holds the mitre in
place; bring needle back up to the middle of the next side and continue in same manner; all the while working around the hexagon counterclockwise.

I don"t  knot the thread again when I get back to the beginning. I weave the needle a few extra paces beyond the knot where I began,  through the seam allowance and snip the thread..

    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    Purse Tissue Covers

    Sunday was still spent in service to humanity and I got to sew!  I finished a batch of tissue covers for the purse - 16 in this basket, complete with tissues. I made them to give to the Sisters at Victory Noll, which is a local retirement community for nuns. The Sisters sell them in their gift shop and they give the proceeds to feed the poor. Their gift cabinet contains all hand-made items.

    Kleenex Tissue Covers

    I hope to make one more batch of tissue covers to take to them on Thursday.  I always like to say " the Sisters welcome me into their community, even tho I'm not catholic. "  LOL   It is a blessing for me to be able to spend craft time with them.  Thank you,  Sisters.

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Christmas Rose Wreath

    I wonder if I can challenge myself to a very small finish - a UFO. It needs a small outer border, then quilted and bound.  Right now, it is only 21" square - a small table topper or festive wall hanging, for sure. 

    Christmas Rose Wreath

    The original concept for this project was to use up those christmas scraps. HA!  I have 3 bins of  christmas scraps still screaming to get out.

    The log cabin rose blocks were paper pieced and finish at 6" and 3". 

    I might gather up some courage to try my hand at stipple quilting for the first time. I'm not a fan of stitching in the ditch, unless it's used to anchor major sections.

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    More Dresses for Haiti

    I acquired 2 more little dresses for the children of  Haiti from another church member, Jeanette Schilling. She trimmed and hemmed these dresses up, added the elastic and a fancy pocket. They were darling!  Thank you, Jeanette.

    All I had to do was  add the bias tape ties around the armholes.  I had some tape leftover from my last bias tape-making session. LOL My job was so simplified.  These dresses are so sweet. I would love to get more of them to finish off.

    Now, I have a personal goal to  complete 50 dresses. The deadline is early October? So, I am making my deadline for Septembers' end. I have 23 dresses finished now,only 27 more to go!

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    Organizing Quilt Books & Mags

    Greetings!  While I was on the subject of sorting quilting books, patterns, magazines & everything quilty printable over at my favorite quilting list, I thought I might as well share it here also.

    Eventually, I had trouble finding my books, so I spread them over the table, and re-sorted them. The bottom two shelves have mags, sorted into those office binders, so I can pull out a binder and sift thru the mags. The contents of the binders used to be in a nice dated order, but that got away from me.

    The next two shelves have quilting books. The small section on the left is being kept separated with a book end. It is a batch of books that I am ready to give away! Next quilt guild sale, I guess.

    Then on top, you see all the school binders. They were my organization style in the beginning, in the days of printing patterns and blocks. I tried to toss out some of those contents during my re-organizing phase, but weakened out. I have a binder on seminole, on EQ, on Quilt University classes, some with templates or special patterns, etc. and then the ones I could 'almost' toss out.

    Then I sorted my books by   "how I look for and use them".   This seems to be a key phrase in all things we collect and do. I have my Carol Doak books together, my gallery collections, like "Scrap Quilts books", the log cabin design books, applique stuff, paper piecing stuff  right next to the Carol Doak section, books with special techniques together. If I have several books from the same artist, I keep them together. Generally, I know what books I have.

    Do you have a special way of organizing your pattern collection?

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Cubbie Hole Quilt - UFO Finish!

    It's a rare occasion that I can claim to have a UFO finish. Today, I CAN!  I picked a simple one, didn't even add borders.....sandwiched, machine quilted and finished binding totally by machine.  That is okay. It will go to a child at the local hospital, which means it will probably get laundered alot. The best part is, I came upon finishing it by accident. It seemed a better swap from organizing and tidying stuff!

     This UFO is from a monthly sew-in we had conducted over at Cbees, way back in August, 2009. That's only 2 years ago. Does it still count? I was sitting with a small batch of tops that are stashed under my cutting/pressing tables. I'm pretty sure this batch under the table is all from the year 2009.

    Benita of encouraged a project from this block which, I believe,  was one of her block of the month patterns at the time.  I think we're also suppose to offer her a pic of our completed project for her gallery.  LOL  Here you go, Benita!  Is it late yet?

    I also have a personal challenge from Trish at Cbees, to finish a UFO by Septembers' end.  Whooh, I made it!  No pressure, Trish! We were both on the very low end of  'done'  on our UFO list at Cbees.  I'm still on the low end of  'done',  BUT.............I'm one quilt closer!

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Queen of Diamonds Update

    Please visit my 'Queen of Diamonds' page to view my update about this long-term project. It is just ALOT of hand stitching for a little update.    LOL

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Christmas Bargello Mantle Scarf

    The ladies over at Cbees  'MADE'  me start  another project!  LOL  Cbees is a sister list of Cyberquilters. You have to be a member of cyberquilters, to join Cbees.

    Cbees is our activity list and I try to be an instigator of activity! We have a bucket list. Each month a new skill is drawn from the bucket. The next month we try to incorporate that skill into our own project, big or small is okay.  This month, bargello was the skill drawn from the bucket. 

    Now, I've had this pattern from Clotilde for a couple years, intending to make it into a mantle scarf I've had to set aside other projects to put this together, but the process was quite fun.

    This is the main piece. It measures 20" x 75". I still need to add some applique, pieces on the ends for the 6" depth and then a backing.

    Now it's back to my regularly scheduled projects. I really dont want to get into the christmas projects until next month or even later.

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    More Scraps from Scraps

    When I began a new set of string blocks #2, it was to reduce the scrap bin inventory. Yesterday, I got 36 autumn string blocks all trimmed up and ready for quilting at another time.

    Afterward, I had this pile of trimmings to snip and work back into the scrap bins! I just dont know if I have the patience for a miniature quilt. I am tiring of these fabrics.

    I did sort them into baskets, one for triangles and one for logs. Probably I should toss them and move on. That might be Step 3 of our 12-step program.