Monday, December 26, 2011

QST TableMats

Happy Boxing Day!  I have finally finished 3 table mats. Initially, I had 2 odd pieces of this christmas multi print - approx 12" x 20".  I  thought I would challenge myself to use it up right away and not let it creep back into the scrap boxes.  I thought quarter square triangles (QST) would be fun.  Ha!  I made 40 QST blocks, then had to figure out what to do with them. I also had some binding already made up from another project from this print.

I got 2 placemats out of the pieces. Then I had 16 QST left-over. So I chose another print for the rectangle and put the remaining QST around that. This piece is about 25" long. I use quilted mats on end tables and dressers, backs of chairs........they are useful in so many places.

I'm glad to have this project finished. Now, I need to put away supplies so I can see my work tables again.

What will call to me next?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blog Revamped

Greetings friends.  I have been doing some re-organization on my blog today. It is a struggle working with the posting editor lately. Should it be difficult to tell photos and text  "where to go"  ?   LOL !  I'm about ready to tell it where to go!

I have created some new pages to make it easier for you all to find files and patterns. These pages will direct you to all the posts about any specific project and to links to the files.

There is a new page for Free Patterns. Everyone can open these files.  There is also a new page created for EQ7 Project files. Please be aware that you need to have EQ7 installed on your computer, in order to open these files. Finally, there is a new page for Tutorials.

I think you will be able to find all the goodies much easier this way. I hope to have the opportunity to add more files in 2012! 

Merry Christmas to you and all those you hold dear!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Favorite Ruler Works Overtime

I have found a new use for one of my favorite rulers. This ruler is from Guidelines  I really hate to plug merchants since I never receive any gratuity, but this is my second most favorite quilting tool.  I figured you would ask where to get it.  :D

Every 1/4 inch there is a groove. The yellow plastic strip can snap into any increment. It creates a ledge.You just tuck the ruler next to the edge of fabric. It stops at your selected measurement.

My first favorite tool, of course, is ElectricQuilt Software!  EQ has been top of my list for years. I doubt it will ever play second fiddle.

When I use the guidelines ruler,  I only have to look for the cutting line  ONCE.  Then I just scoot it to the edge of my folded fabric, and cut;  scoot and cut;   scoot and cut.   I especially like that it can guide your cuts to include 1/4 inch increments. 

Now on to my new use for this ruler. I was preparing a small quilt for using "self-faced" binding. I don't know if that is the correct term?  My piece is already quilted. I planned for the backing fabric to extend around to the front and serve as my binding.

I pinned the backing out of the way. I squared up and trimmed the top and batting even. Now I needed my backing to be trimmed even, with just enough to create a double-fold binding. This is where my guidelines ruler found a new use for me.

I set the yellow lever to 3/4 inch, scooted the lever against the trimmed edge of the quilt top and batting. This made it easy to get a nice edge to serve for the binding.

Now I just have to press the binding over once to meet the quilt edge; fold over again onto the quilt top and stitch down.

TA  DA !!    Here is my Christmas Rose Wreath table topper, all finished.  I see the markings from the Crayola washable markers ----  washed out!  Yea.

It is machine quilted with shiny gold rayon thread. I inserted a narrow gold flap between the background and the border.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas with family and friends and remember the "reason for the season".... no shopping required.

Friday, December 9, 2011

If You Look For Me At Christmas .........

If you look for me at Christmas,  you won't need a special star
I'm no longer just in Bethlehem,  I'm right there where you are.

You may not be aware of Me amid the celebrations
You'll have to look beyond the stores and all the decorations.

But if you take a moment from your list of things to do
And listen to your heart, you'll find I'm waiting there for you.

You're the one I want to be with, You're the reason that I came,
And you'll find Me in the stillness as I'm whispering your name.

                                                                Love,   Jesus