Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas Rose Wreath has a new photo added!

Gun Adrian, of Sweden, has graciously shared a photo of  her tablecloth made from the Christmas Rose Wreath pattern.  Thank you, Gun!  I have included a link to her blog so you can visit her there and see what she is working on.  Click on the photo for a larger view.

Gun Adrian, Sweden

If anyone else creates this holiday topper, I'd love to share a photo of it here.  I am still hoping to make this pattern in the miniature 12" size.  It is very close to the top of my to-do list.

Actually, I think tomorrow is the day I am challenged to quilting and finishing my first Christmas Rose Wreath topper.  Wish me luck !!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mystery Construction Zone

Watch your speed in a construction zone!  HA!

 DH & I have decided on Layout #2.  It has balance and flow (sounds like my medical report) and a pleasant distribution of color.  Now he wants me to speed thru the joining of its pieces, before a big wind might come along and swoosh them out of order!  But really I think he wants the pieces off the dining room table.  LOL

Thank you, everyone, for offering your opinions!  Don't go too far away.....I might need help with the borders. ;D

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twisted Mystery - Possible Solutions

Yikes!  It's been a long week............busy busy busy. I have been sewing alot, just ask DH.  I had nothing to blog about - unfinished pieces everywhere! Now today we are both under the weather.  We're just lounging around, being lazy and trying not to share any germs with the general public.  You're welcome!  lol

I solicited DH to help me unjumble the parts of Carol Doak's Twisted Msytery. Many overly creative members of the group posted photos of their possible solutions - an amazing twist of ideas! So I picked a couple layouts and we assembled them on the table, which is just a little smaller than the project.  DH took photos. Oh what a help that is to be able to observe a layout from a photo.

Layout 2
Layout 3

Layout  1

I had trouble getting the photos placed in order. I'm also having editing issues!  Well,  now I'm SOLICITING OPINIONS.  Which layout is the most appealing?  Please help me decide and leave your comments.  Thanks for helping!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Clue # 6 - Twisted Mystery

Aha. Clue # 6 is finished.  This is the last clue - so they say. LOL

Stay tuned for the layout options! I may need your help and have to solicit votes on the final layout plan.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clue # 5 - Twisted Mystery

Lots of commitments have kept me away from my Carol Doak mystery project. Today, I was able to get back to it and get clue # 5 sewn. It doesnt look that interesting, but if you could see all the other parts, they really pop, especially with the black background.

Wait until you see clue # 6, it is really colorful!  That is the last clue. I hope to make those blocks tomorrow. Then, I will be looking for some fantastic layout designs with these parts.

If you want to take part in this mystery, you will find it on Carol's yahoo group. Lots of creativity going on there:

I wish you all  a blessed week.  Stay tuned for the mystery unveiling!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clue # 4 - Twisted Mystery

I have completed Clue #4 and even assembled the parts, as instructed. I think I'll backtrack some of my clues and assemble other blocks, where instructed. Initially, I thought to leave everything separated, so I could take advantage of  any design liberties which occured to me.  LOL  Now that there are so many parts, I'm feeling more comfort in putting them together.

Tis the season here in the Midwest. I have definitely resorted to colors of autumn. I have a few other quilted items which would play very nicely with this project. I hope it gets finished in time. 

As reality sets in, I'll be talking about doing the quilting on this project  'Next' year.  lol

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

I wish everyone in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving celebration! May you all share good times with family and friends.

I have been ever so busy here - sewing yes - but no photos to post yet! I'm hoping that tomorrow I can sew clue #4 of the twisted mystery and post a photo of that., which is not very interesting for you all, until you can see it come together as a design.

So many projects going on. How will I ever get caught up?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Clue # 3 - Twisted Mystery

Clue # 3 ... finished already!  I didn't mean to rush, but I have other commitments for the rest of the week!  This clue needed 16 identical blocks. It is the same block pattern as in Clue #1 & 2, just some fabrics are changed and it is half the size - finishing at 3 inches. I enjoyed making it more that I enjoyed making the larger size blocks.

Instructions called for sewing half of the blocks into pairs.  I haven't done that yet. I like to leave my options open. Maybe I'll want to assemble it in a unique way.  I seem to be using autumn colors. I hope we're done in time to display for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Clue # 2 - Twisted Mystery

Clue 2 is finished - 4 quarter blocks. Since they are not to be sewn together into a larger block,I suspect they will play into the outermost  corners of the quilt design.  I hope Carol surprises me anyway!

This was the same pattern as Clue 1, but there was a little color change for this block.    I wonder how exotic the next set of blocks will be?  LOL  I do wish I had selected a softer color for the background, but that is the norm for me. ...  always wonder how it would have been with other choices!

Just not enough time and not enough fabric, well okay, just not enough time to find out!  :D