Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blog Revamped

Greetings friends.  I have been doing some re-organization on my blog today. It is a struggle working with the posting editor lately. Should it be difficult to tell photos and text  "where to go"  ?   LOL !  I'm about ready to tell it where to go!

I have created some new pages to make it easier for you all to find files and patterns. These pages will direct you to all the posts about any specific project and to links to the files.

There is a new page for Free Patterns. Everyone can open these files.  There is also a new page created for EQ7 Project files. Please be aware that you need to have EQ7 installed on your computer, in order to open these files. Finally, there is a new page for Tutorials.

I think you will be able to find all the goodies much easier this way. I hope to have the opportunity to add more files in 2012! 

Merry Christmas to you and all those you hold dear!


  1. Hi Kat,
    It must be something in the air--Friday I added a couple of pages to my blog too.
    You asked about telling pictures where to go--I write my posts using Windows Live Writer. I like that sooooooo much better than trying to post directly from blogger. Adding pictures is a matter of click, and within a second or two the picture is in the post. In blogger it sits there spinning its wheels while I have to wait for it to finish before I can do anything else.
    Then when I'm done with the post, I hit 'publish' and that's when it takes time to finish, but I'm done so I don't have to twiddle my thumbs waiting, I just let it do its thing.
    I *think* that the only way I add anything to the different pages, though, is to do it from blogger. At least I haven't found a way to do it from Live Writer. But then I haven't looked much. How do you add onto one of your pages?
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow look at you and all you're doing with your blog, I think it's great. Love the organization. I also like the tip from Eileen. I'm going to have to try that one.

    And I love the page for EQ7, I think I'm going to do that on my blog too, great idea!

  3. Kat - the new blog setup looks great!


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