Friday, October 26, 2012

TATW Blocks

Here is a set of four blocks. I ran out of one red fabric, so I can't make more matching blocks. I will have to go VERY SCRAPPY next time.  I wonder if I can control a few areas just enough to "separate and contain" the scrappy ones?

I did some figuring.  If I cut a 16" wide piece from each of six fabrics, I could cut 16 strips from each fabric. Each strip would make one block, so I could get 16 blocks from these cuts.  That is a nice layout. It would be 48 x 48, plus borders.

But I do prefer the 24 block layout, 4 x 6 grid. This block works nicely in even numbers.

Should you have an  odd number of blocks, or very scrappy blocks, then the straight furrows layout might look nice.

Here is one with 1/2" sashing separating the blocks.

So I wonder how to control the scrappy?  Would I use the same fabric in position 1  (white) and another same fabric in  position 3 or 4 ? This sounds like another mission for EQ!

I hope you will find some time and fabric to make some QOV TATW blocks.  If you send 5 blocks to  Alycia ,  she will enter your name in the drawing for a chance to win 5 yards of fabric.  I think I'll try a scrappy one now.

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