Saturday, December 8, 2012

Midnight Star Quilt Block

Susie at starwood quilter shared her rendition of the  midnight star block and provided the link to the pattern at  quiltmag. Naturally, I went looking for secondary designs, so I turned to my EQ program for help.

This is a 16 block quilt ( 4 x 4 grid), created using the full Midnight Star block.

What if I considered just the quarter unit?

       Here are 16-blk sections (4x4 grid) of the quilt using just the quarter block. This breakdown lets you pinpoint elements in the unit and control your color play, You could change the whole effect of the quilt by altering color placement.

and if you rotate the quarter blocks again, you can get this lovely rendition.

Thank you, Susie, for sharing your blocks and histories with us and inspiring our creativity.

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  1. Fun, fun, fun!! I often do the same, but the old fashioned way......graph paper and pencil. Maybe someday, I'll afford myself the EQ program!!


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