Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mission Huntington Project 2013

We've been busy here.  Our church created a mission project for local community service.  The main time frame was the week of July 29 thru August 2nd.  There were several work teams of landscaping, building a handicap ramp, service at the Animal Shelter, the Library, some school yards, the Literacy Coalition, roadside trash pickup working with the local inmates, painting, installing a cemented basketball hoop for the elementary school, and more.  We also had a community cookout at a central park, where everyone was invited for a free bbq & fellowship. There were 107 members of our congregation participated.  What a great team!  Many of the volunteers used their vacation time from work to serve.

So, my job was to help sew 450 book bags for all incoming 2nd graders in the county.  These bags were stuffed with assorted school supplies and later, the students will be able to pick a book or two to keep.  We had over 1800 childrens books donated from local families and charity groups.

Okay,  so it was handy to be a quilter.  I gathered some other quilter help and we cut up all the pieces from bolts of ulpholstery and home dec fabrics in advance.  Phew, that did help!  We serged and sewed all the bags....510 of them.... in the first four days!   I know, I had the easy job, but, I was exhausted!!

DH at the ironing table,  a first!

510 school book bags
Finally,  now back to my regularly scheduled quilting.


  1. WoW! I'm glad you showed a picture. I'd have bet against a man ironing. That's a wonderful thing your church did - so many different things to help. I'll bet your community is breathing better today.

  2. God bless you for helping those in need!

  3. Oh boy, looks at all those bags!! How wonderful, and you even had a helper at the ironing board. Bless your hearts for making those bags for the kids.

  4. Thumbs up to all of those wonderful volunteers! They are precious!

  5. What a wonderful idea!!! Can't tell you how many plastic grocery bags I go through ever week sending things home with my second graders!!! I need to put some thought into making some bags like this for my students whodon't have backpacks....THANK YOU for the inspiration Kat!


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