Monday, August 19, 2019

Dahlia Dream Big - Aqua

I have joined the Dream Big craze.  I started out with a little sampler hosted by Angela Walters of Quilting is My Therapy.  She got our feet wet working on a multi-size panel and learning border designs.  I'm still hand stitching down the binding, so I can share it.

 In the meantime …...
This is my first official full-size Dream Big Aqua quilt.  I added some lovely borders to make it a nice 80 x 90 which should cover a very large lap size or single / full size bed.  I will have great fun quilting it, even if the stitching won't  show up well in the border fabric.

Friday I started quilting in the center, with much encouragement from Amy Johnson of Amy and  Sew Simple of Lynchburg  and Amy Quilts  on Facebook.  She is most generous in  sharing great videos while quilting on this panel.

Won't this make a gorgeous quilt?  I may have to sell this one because all my joy is in the quilting process.  My quilts are getting bigger and bigger and beginning to pile up here at home.  I have been FMQ less than 2 years and have learned it from generous on-line quilters in youtube videos.

   Here is my progress so far …..

I am joining these fun linky parties this week.  Be sure to visit them to see what other creative quilters are sharing ……………..

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  1. Just lovely quilting work on this flower beauty, Kat ;)))
    This will be gorgeous hugs, Julierose

  2. That really is going to be beautiful, Kat! Your FMQ is full of lots of amazing detail. I'm glad to hear you're loving it so much!

  3. I'm impressed! Only two years doing FMQ and you've reached this skill level? You definitely have a natural talent and probably hours and hours of practice. I love those giant Dahlia quilts but don't have the courage to try one.

  4. This is looking absolutely lovely. Are you doing it on a home machine?

  5. Kat, this is wonderful! I keep seeing these panels quilted up as they come off the bolt, and they seem small and a bit unuseful. But I love what you've done with the borders. And your quilting is looking good, too!

  6. Oh so pretty! I love all the different quilting in the petals.

  7. Lovely! Such a great way to practice fmq that I wish I'd bought a panel when I had the chance. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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