Monday, March 12, 2012

Sofa Row Quilt - Finished

It has been forever since I've made a post!  I have been here every day.  Really!  I have not had anything worthwhile to share.

So I pressed on and pressed on until I could stand this project no more!  I am so happy to say this quilt is finished.  I have struggled with this quilt in every effort I took for it.  From a distance, I guess it is attractive enough!  No close inspections, please.

Maybe I could enlist someone to add butterflies, birds or flowerbuds to the ends of those 6 branches?  Right now, I need a break.  lol  It measures 67" x 72".  Was I supposed to have so much fabric leftover?


  1. Oh, I would call this DONE - lovely!

  2. Very interesting layout to this quilt Kat, looks great now it's done!!! Sometimes some quilts just demand to get made!!!

  3. I LOVE it. And those! Call it finished and mark it off your WIPs!


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