Thursday, March 29, 2012

Classy Caddy

It's unheard of ............... started   AND  finished .................   all in the same week!  This is such a handy item for sew-in gatherings.  Use  an interesting fabric for the purse.

It totes the Rowenta large size travel iron. It opens to reveal a pressing pad.  What fun is that?!

That's my thrill of the day.  I'm going back to working on my marathon of school bags for the UMW misson now.  :D


  1. love it, just wondered where you got the pattern these would make a wonderful gift.

  2. that is awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabrics :)

  3. It was made from one of my rare purchases of "designer-style" fabrics. LOL Most of my stash is fuddy-duddy older-style colors, but I'm workin on changin that!

  4. This is fabulous. I love the idea of the iron and the pad in the same place. Thanks for sharing.


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