Thursday, July 5, 2012

L.R. Wallhanging - WIP

I have been working on a wallhanging for a small empty wall in the living room.  Have I said that applique is not my immediate forte?  I still enjoy the mix of applique shapes and piecing. so I just run with it anyway.  I have been working from a scrap pile created from my L.R. Sofa project. 

This is the center piece. I went "without a plan".  Some pieces are fused and a few are pinned. I will stitch it all down when I get to the quilting process.

Now on to the borders.  I used EQ to audition several border treatments.  I have a huge pile of small, odd-shaped scraps, so I went with  little log cabin blocks.  I am pretty sure that there will still be a pile of scrap pieces left over, when this project is finished.  What about the leftover yardage???  LOL

I wish you all a blessed day and thank you for visiting!


  1. Scraps beget more scraps - no getting around that one. Cute little center and cannot wait to see the final piece.

  2. Yes, possibly we should replace the term 'scraps' with 'bunnies'. They never diminish, but since we are not able to toss them away, they offer some comfort therapy. Odd but true. lol

  3. I like the way you used the rick rack for the stems.

  4. I love your wall hanging. Can't wait to see it finished. Not many of those around here.


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