Friday, July 13, 2012

L.R. Wallhanging - finished

I have finished my wallhanging for the living room. Yay!  I am visually drawn to a mix of piecing and applique, especially since I am surrounded by an unyielding supply of bunnies (scraps).  I included both techniques in the wallhanging and I enjoy it's aire of whimsy. 

The log cabin blocks are each 3 inches and made totally from scrap pieces left from the LR sofa quilt. I wish I had the scraps under control now, but another project will have to be planned.

I tried out some satin stitching on a few of the applique pieces. That didnt fare so well and I went back to my blanket stitching. I SITD between the log cabin blocks. I used some lettering on my machine to sign my quilt in the bottom right corner.  Finished.  TA DA .   lol


  1. Just a great finish! I love tiny log cabins - they give such texture.

  2. I bet that looks great in the same room as the sofa quilt. I adore the rick rack for the stems. I'm with you, applique mixed with piecing really is special. Great piece.

  3. I love the little log cabins. I love the mix of piecing and applique.

  4. I love the wall quilt! I like to do all quilts large and small, but the small ones are my favorites because of the time factor. They finish up quickly! I really like the piecing and applique together. It's lovely.



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