Thursday, August 16, 2012

Steppin to the Nines

Oh how sweet it is  .... two  UFO's from June, 2010 .... finished!  It seems like I havent been here, but I've really been busy sewing. 

A little history:  I was cleaning out some EQ files and came across one that showed more potential.  I played in the file, until I came up with this pattern.  Originally, it was a design which graduated with steps; hence the name.  Then I added 9-patches and titled my pattern "Steppin to the Nines".  You know how these things evolve. LOL  I shared this pattern with my Cbees group and we had an on-line workshop weekend.  It was lots of fun and lots of STT9 tops were created.

This first STT9 quilt is finished with a diagonal quilting grid.  My sheltie, Kody,  managed to squeeze into the photo, in the bottom left corner.  Isn't he a doll!    The quilt is about 54" square.

The 2nd STT9 quilt is just a bit smaller because of the different border treatment. It is quilted in a straight grid.  It is about 46" square.

Still, these are two finishes, all washed and cuddly and ready for children.  How sweet it is!


  1. Wow Kat! They turned out great. Your finishes put me to shame, but looking at your STT9s makes me want to try a new start...........giggle.

  2. What a great pattern Kat! I'm going to have to take a look and see if I can catch up a little. I don't think I've touched a machine in weeks. But these are so bright and adorable. Not sure which border I like best, both are wonderful

  3. Yay for the two finishes. Love those quilts - they are a great pattern!!


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