Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome September.....

Greetings everyone.  It is amazing how quickly September rolls onto the calendar!  Here in the midwest, fall will be in the air soon.  I have not done alot of blogging lately.  Usually that means I've been stitching up a storm.

September is a big and busy month here at the Scribner house.  It begins with today, DH birthday!  Happy Birthday Raymond.  God has graced you with many years and you have shared that grace with so many others.  So, Happy Birthday Sweetie!  September also entertains my birthday.  It has become a tradition to take a short trip to Shipshewana for my birthday. This eliminates the stress that DH might have when thinking about my gift.  When a quilter goes to Shipshewana, the gifting is covered.  We usually cap the day off with a fabulous dinner at Essenhaus.

Now, I have been stitching lots of greeting cards.  Here is just a sample. I have made multiples of these designs. I think I will be doing this all month. 

This is a newly released pattern by Carol Doak. She calls it Cat in a Pumpkin.    It is available free on the Carol Doak Yahoo group. You can join here

Some Christmas cards


Well,  I'm having issues with editing in blogger!  So, gotta go!  See you all soon.  Thanks for visiting.




  1. Happy Birthday to your household! Enjoy your trip and spend. Love all your little cards.

  2. Happy birthday, I think I may try that kitty with the pumpkin :)

  3. I just love those cards. What a lot of work, but I know that those that receive them will sure appreciate them.

  4. Your cards are beautiful. Love the new cat in a pumpkin. Happy Birthday to you and hubby.

  5. Great cards, Kat! How are you finishing the blocks and attaching them to the cards, if you don't mind my asking?

    1. I treat the top like a paper piecing block, after I remove the paper, I press it and trim it to exact size of the top of my card. I use a dab of elmers glue stick to help me keep it in place. I applique the block to the card stock with a decorative stitch.

  6. You have been busy yourself. Love your cards and the pumpkin is so cute. I saved the pattern.

  7. Belated happy birthday to you. I just know you had a good time and found lots of goodies in Shipshewana and had a good dinner at Essenhaus.

  8. Oh Boy Kat those cards are super adorable. Love the black cat and pumpkin. They must have taken some time to put together. That dog card is so sweet.


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