Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fancy Fleece Scarves

I am a member of the UMW group at church. They are having a table at the Fall Craft Fair also. They have engineered a mission to make fleece scarves.  This is the first time I've made fleece scarves and I am delighted to report that I made quick work of it, thanks to the handy quilting tools we have.

A yard of fleece can yield 5 or 6 scarves that will be as long as the width of fabric; i.e. 54" or 60".
First I trimmed off the curly selvedge edge.

I folded the yardage in half, then folded in half again. The piece you will be cutting will now be in four layers ( 1/4 of 54") by the yard length (36").

I used my handy 6" x24" ruler and rotary cut 6 scarves, the width of the ruler.

(Actually, in this photo, I cut 5 scarves:  2 @ 9" wide and 3 @ 6" wide.  The 9" scarves make a comfy  shoulder wrap.)

The next step is to mark a line, 5" from both edges, to cut the fringe.  I decided my handy June Tailor Shape Cut tool might make easy rotary cutting work of this step.  I did not have to mark a line.

I laid out the scarf so that both edges were even. Then I lined the ruler up to the edge, at the 8" line.  If you rotary cut from the 8" line, up to the end of the ruler - that should make 5" of fringe.  I cut the fringe at 1" wide.

The next step is to pinch or make a tiny fold at the 5" line - make a tiny snip with the scissors. Take the fringe and slip it back through the tiny snip. It should look like this:

I bought 2 yards of fleece and made 11 scarves. It took  about 3 hours of fun.

Thanks for visiting.  May you have a blessed and creative day today!

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