Saturday, February 16, 2013

St Patrick's Skinny

It's been a struggle in the quilt cave today.  You know - those days when a little bit of everything just doesn;t go quite right?  I have been working on my holiday set  something like a production line .... do one task on all the items before moving on to the next task.

Now I am in the finishing stages - sleeves, hangers and bindings.  This next piece is ready for the wall - the St. Patrick's Skinny.  I like the feel of the applique motifs.

I was hoping I didn't have to change the thread again (which may be a clue as to why I don't use the embroidery part of my machine); but alas, I forgot to put the sleeves on the other pieces with the black thread.  That's the combo that was giving me fits.

I wish you all an early Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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