Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stack and Whack - Finale!

It seems like I've been gone forever -- well, nearly two weeks!  I have been doing a mountain of work on this stack and whack creation.  It has been a project that kept evolving; step-by-step; piece-by-piece; strip-by-strip!

When I decided to take the bucket skill challenge for January, I had NO IDEA it would turn into a major fiasco.  Well, our new bucket skill for February has already been drawn and I'm just finishing up my stack and whack project.

When I began, it didn't occur to me that I would be making eight blocks.  LOL  I thought I'd stitch up a block or two and decide what to do with them later.  HA!  My conscience couldn't take this attitude with eight blocks, so I had to create a quilt around these blocks.  There was not enough fabric to finish it off with  borders on all four sides, so I started cutting it apart in strategic places; added gold or green or burgandy-wine fabric strips.  Some places I had to add some kona snow and some fancy machine stitching.

This is the result.  My quilt is finally finished and I just might be keeping this one for myself. (wink)

Thank you, Debby Kratovil, for your tutorial to make these blocks.  You can see all my posts for making this project  here.  Gee,  what will I do next?


  1. Oh, Kat - this came out so beautiful!! Yes, this one is a keeper - I wouldn't be able to let it go with all that went into it. Well done!!

  2. It came out GREAT, Kat! Super job!

  3. You should definitely keep this one for yourself. It's beautiful. I like the way you used the border fabric for the sashing.

  4. That's beautiful!! Definitely a keeper :)


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