Monday, April 1, 2013

Wonky Revisited

While doing a bit of recycling in the closet, I came across this piece I worked on last year.  I fell in love with the pattern when it came out in Quilters World and immediately set out to make it. I even found a lovely paisley fabric perfect for the border.  I've since forgotten the name of the pattern, but mine I shall call Wonky. It was written to be a 60 inch piece. I made it in half-scale or maybe less?  It measures 24 x 28 inches.

Then I started quilting it.  I love the background but they are only 1 inch wide strips. I quilted every strip so I could secure the fused leaves at the same time. I quilted it into wonkiness and hung it away in the closet.

This weekend it got pulled out of the closet.  I still love the piece and I'm still trying to overlook it's wonkiness. So, I hand stitched down the sleeves and decided to hang it up, for awhile, anyway!

Welcome,  Spring!  It is my favorite season!


  1. This is so pretty.
    some of the wiggley may "hang out"

  2. I like that, Kat! Such pretty fabrics, and they are just suited to the pattern.

  3. I'm so glad you pulled it back out to finish. This is a terrific piece.


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