Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Archives # 8 - Birthdays & Borders

It's Tuesday Archives Day -- the day we re-visit old posts.  This week it's birthdays and borders. I want to share my posts about the sofa quilt I made for DH.  He takes it with a short nap every day. It grew from a bucket list program that we take part in over at Cbees yahoo group.  Every month a different skill is drawn from a bucket and everyone does with it whatever they want to.  I used some of the skills and created a panel from those techniques.

This is the center panel.  It started with curved strippy borders, some applique would be added to the center later.  HERE  is the post which explains the process I used to make this panel.

After several months, this is the finished quilt.  I've learned that my favorite quilts are ones that didn't begin with a specific plan and decisions were made in stages.

I'm linking up with Val's Quilting Studio  where you will find lots of other creative posts being shared.

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  1. An absolutely gorgeous quilt! What a good way to learn new skills ! I am going to participate in the Rainbow Challenge. Pop over and see what I have gotten done so far. Thank you for your encouragement to join in!!

  2. WOW! I love your curved borders....THANK YOU for that inspiration! And isn't that so true Kat, that for me too, sometimes the best quilts are the ones I follow my instinct with during the process. :) Thanks for your continuous support of the linky!!

  3. I agree--I too like to design as I go. This row-by-row design is spectacular. I especially like the contrast of curves and straight limes.

  4. Also meant to say I like the idea that the border doesn't have to be at the edge. :-)


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