Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scrap Scramble - block #9 plus ....

I spent Monday making up this block.  It was  tedious work, and  I was glad to see it finished.   This completes the nine, 12 inch blocks needed for my Scrap Scramble quilt plan.

Carol Doak's block # 171

Then I moved on to the 36 units needed for the border.  Some of them  are displayed here.

You can see all the blocks made for this project on the Scrap Scramble page.

I think this completes all the units for the quilt top.  Now ready to plan the assembly and quilting.  Everything came out of the scrap bins except for the white background.  I wish I could say it made a dent.

I'm linking up with  Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation where you will discover a wonderful selection of quilters projects.

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You can see all my scrap scramble blocks on this page .


  1. Wow that's some piecing. Good work

  2. That looks alike a very hard block to piece! Your turned out beautifully!

  3. Life got busy on my end...but so nice to catch up today and stop in to see what you've been up to! This piece is unique and striking Kat!

  4. Gorgeous block Kat. Looks very difficult. Glad you are back online!


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