Friday, January 12, 2018

Cyberquilters Quilt Show

Here are photos of your special projects to share;

Rebecca Jeffery .....................

   " here are two more whole cloth flannel quilts I finished earlier in the month '

Rebecca's    " Triangle "  quilt

Thanks so much for sharing your accomplishments, Rebecca.

and here is a very special quilt made by Joyce Ragels. There is a touching story behind the making of this quilt.  I hope she will share it on the list again.

here's a new one from Rebecca, hot off the presses....  she needs suggestions for a proper name for it ..........

Everyone have a great week.  Let's go quilt something !


  1. I'm with Kat. Would like to hear more about the triangle quilt. Really like it.

  2. While we are getting ready for a storm looking at this quilt makes me feel so good because to me it seems like summer ice creams
    Nicely Done Rebecca.

  3. What a great show!! I'd like to hear more about the dress quilt Joyce, I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before. Those bright triangles are wonderful, I love a bright and cheery quilt.

  4. And thanks Kat for hosting the show!

  5. Rebecca here. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! The triangle quilt was made for my darling's Christmas. Inspired by a quilt called, 'Tiny Triangles', I decided to give it a go and see if I could figure out how to make it. Tiny just isn't my forte, so the squares are made up of 3 1/2" blocks. the colors all came from my stash (glittering like happy jewels). Was fun to make.

  6. Rebecca you are one go getter for sure.. The arrow quilt could be named-
    " Which way is Right".
    Kat thanks for the show on your blog..
    Joyce, your Dress quilt is so meaningful.. Thanks for sharing this.

    Roma NC
    Roma NC


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