Saturday, February 11, 2012

Delectable Mountains - Table Topper

This is a photo of my delectable mountains table topper. It began as a 27" square topper. I angled off four corners so the size doesn't overpower my table. I usually prefer the 18" - 24" size for my table.

The delectable mountains block can appear very dramatic. I think adding the applique softens the drama and makes a nice balance.

This photo is the same topper - rotated 90 degrees and  "appears"  as set on-pointe?  It reminds me of the bear paw block.  I love the look of the bear paw block, but  stressing over the points in all those HST has put me off.  That stress doesnt seem to be an issue when constructing the delectable mountains block. Those points seem to take care of themselves.

My delectable mountains projects were constructed using Bonnie Hunter's  directions over at  Thank you, Bonnie!

I have a post about delectable mountains table runners here:

Visit the Free Pattern page for links to project files to create this project.
and  visit the EQ7 page for a link to the free EQ7 project file.


  1. Thank you, Billie! I thought it might inspire "somebody". LOL

    1. I wished it would. I haven't been in my sewing room for a couple of days. I did download the EQ pattern you shared. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, LG. I'm on a roll for finishes this far! Even if they are small finishes.

  3. Oh that is so pretty, really like the applique.

  4. This is just lovely. I love the octagon shape and the way you used the applique

  5. This is inspiring to me... one of the few patterns I've never done is the delectable mountains. I've added it to my list of future projects!

  6. I looked and searche but I didn't find any project links :(

  7. Of course I had to be looking in the wrong diretion :)


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