Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You're Invited !

We are having a Twister Party this weekend and you're invited!  It starts on Friday and runs all weekend.  Everyone is selecting their own project size. Here are two examples of twister templates in the marketplace.

This tool is the June Tailor Twist 'n Stitch.  It makes twister pinwheels ranging in size from 3" and up to 10" finished.

This was the first twister tool I purchased at a quilt show.  I got the template that uses charm squares- 5".  I like that the template has those gripper dots to help keep it in place while you cut around it.

Our Twister Party takes place over at the Cbees yahoo group.  You can join the group here    
 The C-bees is a sister group of the main list we call Cyberquilters.  I bet this sounds like an infomercial, but Cyberquilters  IS  one of the best quilting groups on the web.  I could say that it  IS  the best group, but you never know who is lurking and ready to pounce on you for bragging rights. lol

So,  you   DO  have to join Cyberquilters first, before you can be a member of Cbees But ............ hey ...................   it's  still FREE.  lol

You will find a collection of links to twister projects, tutorials  and  one link guides you in making your own template.

So come on over and join in the Twister Party fun, share photos and conversation.  Everyone is Welcome!

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  1. I just joined and yes I am a member of the cyber quilters list!
    thanks for letting us know I have wanted to make a twister quilt
    you have inspired me!


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