Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stack and Whack

Unfortunately, stack and whack is the challenge that was drawn for our January bucket skill over at Cbees yahoo group. Please know that you have to be a member of the main list, Cyberquilters  before you can join Cbees, but membership is free  LOL  and they are the greatest groups for quilting.

I deliberated all day (okay all month), about the possibilities of my stack and whack project.  Today, I pulled out the appropriate fabric and went at the process - with the help from a  Debby Kratovil  post.  This is the fabric I used - a wide border fabric with lots of background.

This is my first block # 1.  I have to say that I had to approach the cutting process in a different way. I'm not sure I can put it into words.  I pulled a Frank Sinatra, since I was unable to get the "pin matching" method to work for me. :-)  But I did follow through on the 'whack' part!

The background is actually a med-dark green. I'm not sure it was a good choice.  It is what it is.  lol  Now on to block # 2 ?

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  1. I love stack and whack, but have never used the pin method, I sew a thread thru all 8 layers, you sort of pick a spot that is easy to see and sew thru each individual layer with a knot either end, I do that about 4 inches apart over the whole bit of fabric and when it is all sewn (or held together I shake the thread, and then cut. Hope that makes sense


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