Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday Sew-In

My local quilt guild had our monthly sew-in yesterday.  It's always fun to gather with other quilters and share tips and tricks and get some stuff projects done.  I have to talk myself into going each month because I hate packing..............anything.  I always have a grand time while I'm there and I come home saying "all in all, it was a great day",  but did I mention I hate packing? !  I would rather unpack anytime.

When I left yesterday, my sewing tables had been in orderly service. I had been quite productive for the last couple weeks because my work tables were in order, cleared of any other "stuff in the way" and that always opens up my creative inspiration.

Today, my tables are heaping with bags of stuff, I had to disassemble a corner, so DH could get at the plug behind the sauder cabinet. We had to get the machine back into it's table bed and somehow the footpedal came apart, a tiny plastic knob is broke off and we can only hope it works right.  It had gotten stuck a few times while i was "stoppin and startin"  while stitching on applique.  Sometimes the machine didnt stop when I wanted it to.  That could be a problem.

Well, anyway, I only got half of the bibs finished.  I had such big hopes of 15 bibs finished and 10 burp cloths.  Now, I'm trying to put my sewing space back together so I can finish up this job. I hope I will have forgotten today when I go to pack it up for next month.  :0)


  1. This is why I have a very cheap machine just for lugging to sew-ins. I don't travel at all with my better machines.

  2. I don't travel at all....grin, but everything is still always a mess.


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