Monday, October 24, 2011

Mystery Construction Zone

Watch your speed in a construction zone!  HA!

 DH & I have decided on Layout #2.  It has balance and flow (sounds like my medical report) and a pleasant distribution of color.  Now he wants me to speed thru the joining of its pieces, before a big wind might come along and swoosh them out of order!  But really I think he wants the pieces off the dining room table.  LOL

Thank you, everyone, for offering your opinions!  Don't go too far away.....I might need help with the borders. ;D


  1. It's gorgeous. This is the first near finish of the Twisted Mystery that I've seen. Love your colors.

  2. All the best with putting this together, all the versions looked great!!!!

  3. Oh, is Stephen coming to visit you? I didn't know! That is the whirlwind you speak of, right? As he is certainly that!


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