Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twisted Mystery - Possible Solutions

Yikes!  It's been a long week............busy busy busy. I have been sewing alot, just ask DH.  I had nothing to blog about - unfinished pieces everywhere! Now today we are both under the weather.  We're just lounging around, being lazy and trying not to share any germs with the general public.  You're welcome!  lol

I solicited DH to help me unjumble the parts of Carol Doak's Twisted Msytery. Many overly creative members of the group posted photos of their possible solutions - an amazing twist of ideas! So I picked a couple layouts and we assembled them on the table, which is just a little smaller than the project.  DH took photos. Oh what a help that is to be able to observe a layout from a photo.

Layout 2
Layout 3

Layout  1

I had trouble getting the photos placed in order. I'm also having editing issues!  Well,  now I'm SOLICITING OPINIONS.  Which layout is the most appealing?  Please help me decide and leave your comments.  Thanks for helping!


  1. Look at you! All that hard work is coming together. Great job Kat!!!

  2. They all look GREAT, Kat....but, I like 2 the best.

  3. I like number 1 best although there is no "wrong" layout.

  4. I like layout 3!!! Well done with this Kate! I did the last mystery and it was a lot of fun, but just didn't have the time to fit in this years' mystery. I have been following with great interest and some of the colour combinations have been quite awesome! Have you any idea about how you will quilt it? I still haven't got mine quilted which is a shameful confession LOL!!! Good luck with sewing it all together, just take your time, it can get a bit cumbersome and stiff with all that paper still attached!!!!

  5. I dont know how I will quilt it, especially with the black background. There are so many points in this also. I will be winging it for quilting, but I will have some time to let that plan simmer too.

    Firstly, I am worried about getting pieces turned out of place when sewing together. will be putting it together like a surgeon.

    Thanks everyone, for your continued comments!

  6. They are all wonderful layout, but I lean toward #1 - think it is the blue that does it.
    Beautiful job, Kat.

  7. I like them all, but number 2 is my favorite.

  8. I like #2, but all are great!

    I am unsure of how to finish mine. Not the layout, but I think I am going to need to lay it all out and left alone and the toddler is so helpful! I will have to lay it on the floor, and he will have it it is just sitting until I can figure out how to accomplish it.

  9. Tonya, when you get your pieces laid out, take a photo. which will help you spot any pieces that are rotated in a wrong direction. Taking a photo works so much better than the naked eye.


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