Saturday, October 1, 2011

Clue # 2 - Twisted Mystery

Clue 2 is finished - 4 quarter blocks. Since they are not to be sewn together into a larger block,I suspect they will play into the outermost  corners of the quilt design.  I hope Carol surprises me anyway!

This was the same pattern as Clue 1, but there was a little color change for this block.    I wonder how exotic the next set of blocks will be?  LOL  I do wish I had selected a softer color for the background, but that is the norm for me. ...  always wonder how it would have been with other choices!

Just not enough time and not enough fabric, well okay, just not enough time to find out!  :D


  1. Gee Wiz Kat you are fast on the draw! Looks great.

  2. It was a small task - and everything was pre-cut! There's some extra waste that goes with that. Good thing I like scraps. That's how I got my blog name.

  3. You must have a nice stash as well? *grin*

  4. Beautiful blocks, Kat - love your color choices. Look forward to reading more of this mystery.

  5. Your blocks look great!! I don't know what you mean about the background color - I think this is perfect!


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