Monday, December 23, 2013

Dresden Wreath is finished

Greetings everyone.  This is a photo of my dresden wreath.  I apologize for the yellow markings showing up,  I took the photo before I washed it.

This dresden has already had an unusual life.  It began as a bucket skill challenge over on Cbees yahoo group.  I had seen a photo of a similar item and  knew that's what I wanted to make.  The wreath wall hanging was intended to be donated for a cancer benefit that took place this month.

So, as I went to give it a final pressing before sandwiching, I used the dreaded steam and the blades wrinkled up.  I couldn't iron the wrinkles back out, so I began to unstitch the blades from the background and I intended to make new blades.  After unstitching 3 or 4 blades, I took a reality check on the holes being left behind in the background fabric.  So what was my luck of getting the new and improved dresden sewn onto the background in just the same exact place as the one being removed?  Yea, sure.  I knew better than that.

So,  I quit unstitching it and set it aside to repair what I had undone. After finishing up a few other projects, I decided I would finish it anyway, and keep it for myself, no matter how imperfect it was.  I started quilting it up. I did what I usually don't do, and "quilted it to death", which as it turns out, I really love it now!  LOL

I'm linking up with Judy over at Patchwork Times, where you will find lots of other creative quilters showing off their stuff.

I wish you a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.


  1. Very pretty, definitely a great "save"!

  2. Beautiful wreath. All your quilting makes it pop!

  3. That looks wonderful! Love the addition of the bow and the quilting is perfect for this piece.

  4. This is adorable! Funny how sometimes quilting a mistake to death can save its life! I never thought of Dresden plate wreaths. Love it!

  5. Amazing how much quilting adds to a project! The wreath looks great!

  6. It's really cute Sometimes, the mistakes we save turn out to be great projects. I'm glad you were able to salvage this one.


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