Monday, December 16, 2013

More Tree Skirts

I made some design changes with my last tree skirt (no photo), which resulted in 36 extra wedges of green.  I decided to make some strip set wedges to go with them and get it out of my WIP box.  I have a pic of one, but both skirts are assembled.  I will quilt them up, then try to find caring homes for them next year. LOL

These skirts are a nice 50" across.  I used the 10 degree wedge ruler and Thermore Ultrathin batting in the last one and really liked the effect.

I totally enjoy Design Wall Monday. So  I am linking up with Judy at PatchworkTimes where I will find wonderful creations from other quilter fanatics.  


  1. I didn't have a 10 degree ruler and just bought one a few weeks ago. Your tree skirt is wonderful!


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