Thursday, February 25, 2016

CCQ #28 - Ladybug Wings

I had pieces leftover from my last project, Ladybugs.  I thought to design a baby quilt around the leftovers- strips from stripsets and a strip of the ladybug fabric.  I thought I was working along quite nicely,  went to bed last night with it all quilted, just waiting for the binding.  Saw it this morning and it was fright - full of orange.  The navy binding toned that down some, but not enough.  I sure hope it doesn't make some poor infant cross-eyed.  It measures 38 x 38.

I'm adding this to my CCQ page which is a collection of  my donation quilts.

I'm linking up with  Michelle for Lets Make Baby Quilts   and  Lisa in Port Hope for TGIFF.

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  1. As to that brightness, the pale and pastel color cones are the last to develop in the human eye, so this will be great for a baby to really see it! It doesn't seem at all frightful to me, either. ~ Desertsky Quilting


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