Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas Rose Wreath

There has been some interest in the Christmas Rose Wreath pattern, so I created a project file for anyone who wants to make it for themselves. It is a paper pieced project. No sewing directions will be provided. There are no fabric requirements listed since it is made from your scrap box.

I drew the blocks and re-numbered them for you. I have provided 2 download files. One file is a miniature size, 12 inches, before borders. I think I'll do this one for my tabletop frame. The other file is 18 inches, before borders. This makes a nice size table centerpiece or wall hanging.

While I was re-sizing the blocks in the word file, the sizing became distorted with the seam allowance included. So I have provided the block patterns without seam allowance added around the outside edges. You will have to remember to extend the fabric pieces 'at least' 1/4 inch beyond all the block edges and trim the block to include the seam allowances.   Also remember to have your printer settings set to "no scaling".

I have prepared the file so you can save paper and ink!  The color illustrations are on the first page. The patterns you need to print are arranged on pages 2 and/or 3. The patterns  have been provided in multiple units, for efficient printing.  Please check that your blocks have printed at the correct size before sewing.

      12" Christmas Rose Wreath pattern:

      18" Christmas Rose Wreath pattern: 

Other options:  cutting a whole in the center and rounding off the corners would make a festive skirt for a table top tree.  A wreath doesnt have to be made up in reds and greens. How about some autumn colors or whatever compliments your room decor.  Using a multi- print for all the piecing, except the background would have an interesting effect also.

*** If you make up this pattern, please send me a photo!  I will display them on this page.***

Gun Adrian, Sweden


  1. WOW, Kat! THANK YOU.....This is "sew" "kewl"! Dottie

  2. I missed your post on the forum for this. Glad someone said thank you so I could check it out. Thanks Bunches. This should be fun!

  3. Thanks, Kat! Beautiful pattern.

  4. Thank you for sharing...very beautiful!!! :-)
    Really like it!!!!


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