Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pillowcase Dresses - Done!

Phew. It seems I've been AWOL.  Not really.  I have been slaving away on making dresses for Haiti. I ran out of pillowcases and made a bunch from yardage. Lots of sewing and lots of making bias tape!  I must be pretty good at it now. It takes about 80 inches of bias tape per dress.

I set a personal goal of making 50 dresses. My last batch was 23 pillowcase dresses. This batch has 28 dresses. This photo holds a few of the fabric combinations I worked with.

50 Dresses for Haiti

I am ready to break away to another project.  I am especially excited for an upcoming trip to Shipshewana! My main focus will be the Coming Home quilt barn panels.

I wonder if I should consider any other collections?  :D

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