Friday, September 23, 2011

Twisted Mystery Quilt

A new project is evolving at Carol Doak's yahoo group. It is being labeled a Twisted Mystery. It will grow in stages. We do not know what the pattern will look like until we're nearly finished.  But watch us try to figure it out! It will all be paper pieced, of course.

This is my color palette. I may change out a couple pieces; especially the light green and maybe the orange on the end.  The black is the background.
I will post the blocks as they are made. Maybe you can help me visualize the final design. It will be 36 inches, before borders, You can also take part in this mystery by visiting Carol's group


  1. You picked out some great fabrics for your mystery.

  2. Those are some fantastic colours. If I lived near you I'd be knocking on your door for a cup full of scraps...

  3. "Sleep on it" is always a good choice for me. This morning I have decided to go digging for another set of greens. Taking a photo is more effective than auditioning on the table. "A cup full of scraps", phew, I have buckets and buckets.

  4. Oh, I really like Carol Doak. I have to ask--i just went to join but I need to make a profile so I am going to wait for a reply from you--does this group take much time? Like how many posts/emails a day? Sorry to be silly but I have to be careful with my time. But I do love Carol Doak so I am all undecided.


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