Sunday, September 25, 2011

Twisted Mystery Palette Change

I changed the palette for my Twisted Mystery project. I added some lovely new greens, changed the yellow, changed another warm color and included a 'possible' border.

Now I'm off to a cutting party. LOL  I better start cutting the fabrics I'm totally sure about, first. :D  I have selected fall fabrics. Maybe it will be a table topper or maybe I'll add more rounds and make it lap size?

Blocks for this project will start  being  released this Wednesday, Sept 28th at

Will any of you be sewing up this mystery with me?


  1. Very pretty selection of fabric. I opted to sit this one out as I have too much going right now. Will enjoy what everyone is doing, though.

  2. I love your fabric selection, but I'm sitting this one out, too. I'll enjoy watching your project come together instead.

  3. Love the fabrics. I love paper piecing and a mystery. I think I'm going to do it. I haven't picked fabrics yet, but most likely will go scrappy with the colors. I'll be a little behind as work is crazy. But this will be just what I need to keep me from going crazy with the machine quilting that I need to do!!

  4. I changed it again. I swapped out the first yellow and went back to the lighter yellow. Oh, well, it is All cut now! I probably wouldnt pre-cut, except that this is a mystery. If I knew what blocks had which fabrics, I would prepare my pieces another way.

    Normally, I dont care for mysteries, until they're revealed! Control issues :D ? But I havent been paper piecing for awhile, looking forward to sewing toward a surprise.

  5. I love your fabrics! I'll be right there with you. I have mine cut and ready to go. :)

  6. Will be doing this as my first mystery quilt. Have not selected the material yet-am always trying to get other projects done. So while I will proably be behind everyone I will be in there stitiching.

  7. Fantastic fabric choices Kat. Your making me what to jump in.....I'm resisting. So many UFOs calling my name.

    Have fun.


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