Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Remember

There was a heartwarming ceremony in church service today. We were reminded of those heartbreaking images and stories of many heros. I am truly humbled.

Mostly, we were reminded of the unity our country held together on September 12. Do you remember?  If only we could always have such character for mankind. If that 'Unity' was our mainstay, I believe things would be much different in America now.

I think of all the other countries who also mourned for us during this tragedy. Some of these countries were already struggling with their own sacrifices, yet they expressed comfort, love and grief.                   I  Thank You.

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  1. You are so right Kat. I remember that I was at work when it happened and I learned about it from friends in England before it was broadcast by our local radio. They were concerned because they did not know how close I was (geography not strong suit). I also remember contacting friends whose daughter lived in New York and were suffering from not knowing if she was safe.

    Our wonderful world is certainly small since the internet but thankfully there are nations who reach out to help even though it didn't happen to them.


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