Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scraphappy Saturday - Reds

First I sorted the pieces in my red scrap bin hoping they would tell me what they were best suited for.  I settled on the greek cross blocks for my row quilt.  They sure were a snap to do!

I still had a mountain of little red pieces covering the work table, so I began making my usual wonky log blocks and mini rail fence blocks.  When I quit sewing last evening, I had a very small collection finished

Friday, I picked it up again.  I made more wonky logs and more rails to make it seem worthwhile.

I got a little bored making string type blocks, so I thought these little scraps would make some nice santas for christmas cards.  I fussed too,  I put in some chenille fabric I made a few weeks ago, for the beard, sparkley black fabric for the belt, I will stitch some eyes and a tiny button for the top of the hat.  It should make a cute christmas card.  The first one, I trimmed wrong!  Don't you hate doing that?  That kind of cutting cannot be undone.  I made a second one, then concluded that it took up way too much time and way too little fabric.

So,  I went back to the log blocks.  I needed more and I needed a normal amount of rails.  I even tried making a batch of 3-1/2 inch wonkly logs, but kept getting carried away and ended up with more 6-1/2 inch blocks.

I'm finished working the reds for this month.  I've got to move on to a spiral tree skirt I've promised to someone as a barter for her LA a large quilt for me.  I wish I could say that my red bin was tamed down now, but that would be an untruth................. maybe next year.

I'm linking up with Angela at Soscrappy  for RSC14 Saturday.  Hop on over there to see what amazing things other quilters are making with their reds.

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  1. Fun red projects! Love the Santa blocks even though they don't use up many scraps!

  2. Lots of great blocks - love your idea of a row quilt with RSC - thought for next year. The santas are cute, but fussy.

  3. Those Santa blocks for Christmas cards are wonderful. Great red projects this month.

  4. Adorable Santas! It's Christmas in July for me, too--only mine are crochet blocks...I do like those Greek Crosses a lot, too. All lovely, Kat..hugs, Julierose

  5. Lots of great red blocks. Your Santa blocks are adorable.

  6. santa is too cute... maybe you'll return to that block when you've had a rest!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  7. Cute santas.
    Is there a pattern anywhere

  8. Those Santas are just too cute. Weird on the Greek Crosses...I was just looking at that block for making some potholders for Christmas

  9. Love your red fabrics and blocks. Cute little Santa blocks : )

  10. I love the little Santa blocks, but I definitely understand about choosing something that doesn't take as much time. The Greek Cross blocks look great.


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