Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Archives #18 - Easter & Echo Quilting

It's Tuesday Archives - time to re-visit an older classic. Today it's all about Easter and Echo Quilting.  I worked overtime at echo quilting this dresden wreath wallhanging. It is a favourite piece of mine.  Don't look too closely, I took the photo before I washed the marker out.  I was afraid it would wash out-of-shape, but it was quilted so dense that it didn't budge from the original shape at all.  It hangs over the mantle during the christmas season.

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  1. Love your wreath...and the quilting looks great! I had a hard time finding a post with echo quilting ....but I did manage one!

  2. Such a pretty Christmas quilt! You did an excellent job on the quilting! I am sure it looks lovely hanging above the mantle.

  3. The quilting outside the wreath really set it off.


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