Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Before and After

This post shall be about how we ladies feel and look after a trip to the beauty parlour.

We go into the shop feeling all rough and raggedy     -  " the before "

We come out all aglow with trims, tucks   and tints  -  " the After "


This must be the comfort of making string blocks.

 Step 1 - You can sew on your scrap strings, willy nilly, feeling glad to diminish that lot! 

Step 2 - you look at the blocks and think they are so nasty looking, you will just have to give them away to somebody;     anybody............. and dont attach your name to it.

Step 3 - you trim them down to size, take another look and see how lovely they really are and wonder how you will be able to part with them! They contain memories of all the fabrics you have created something from.

I totally enjoy machine quilting string blocks into a quilt, but that will have to wait, for now.  I will be sure to stay out of my scrap bins for awhile.That is what started another string quilt # 2.


  1. It may have been a string quilt, but you brought it all together with that middle piece. I'm really enjoying watching this one.

  2. Thank you, Billie. That nifty design feature was shared on HeartStrings Group. I can use up some of those drab fabrics that I bought in my early days - toss in some black and they all come alive.

  3. These are wonderful, Kat. never seen them with the accent piece - really makes them special!

  4. I agree with those above. The accent piece really sets it off!

  5. Love your steps for string quilts. I felt exactly the same way I did mine for a mystery quilt. I really wasn't a fan until they were trimmed and sewn together, then that's when all the magic happens. Your blocks are just wonderful, love the colors!!

  6. I was going through my scrap strips box this morning and remembered that you did some postings on string quilts. Some days, I don't even remember to brush my teeth, but I managed to remember your posts from more than 4 months ago. Not many bloggers put together material as memorable as that. Thanks for this great reference posting. It certainly came in handy for me.


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