Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scrap Sorting - Again

It’s hot here in the Midwest. and what am I doing? I’m standing over an iron, performing another tidying of my scrap bins. I’ve got to commit to a better system when putting them away. I don’t think I put them away, I toss them in the bin – all sorts of sizes and shapes.

I do want to keep my current system – I need my pieces sorted by color families. I have some thinner drawers which hold larger pieces, smaller than a fat quarter. Right now, I’m digging thru them for more strings. I thought I could cut up those smaller pieces - LOL – not yet; but as soon as I run out of the strays, they’re next on the chopping block.

I believe a good scrap users system must go thru a 12-step program. I must be on step 2. I have already determined that my day will be spent collecting and sorting scraps and not sewing them.

Step 12 must be when you are at the end of your project and you can sort the pieces into their rightful place, before the next project hits the table. Now, wouldn’t that be efficient!


  1. I haven't found a good system yet. I find more accumes than get sorted and put away. So my method of late is to put a handful in a bag and challenge myself to USE them up! No put aways!!

  2. That is an interesting tactic. But there is always TOO MANY to use up. Maybe I'll have to start a pineapple quilt.


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